Zaheer Khan praises Mohammed Shami and his techniques


SA vs. IND: Team India and Team South Africa are set to go head-to-head in an interesting series. They will compete first in the test series and then in the ODI series.

India as a team led by Virat Kohli has done exceptionally well recently. They have been an unstoppable force against some of the best away teams. The men in blue were in shock after going all out for 36 points in the opener against Australia.

It was a major moment in Indian cricket history as India continued to play below its belt. It was truly a shocking performance as India achieved its lowest total in cricket history. This performance was simply unacceptable.

But the men in blue quickly rose to their feet and launched a counter-effective attack against Australia. The impact was so great that India made a phenomenal comeback in the Border Gavaskar test series.

SA vs IND: Zaheer Khan praises Mohammed Shami and his techniques

The team led by Ajinkya Rahane won two more test matches and managed to pull the test from Sydney. Additionally, India shattered Australia’s stronghold of Gabba by becoming the only team in 33 years to beat the Australians at Gabba.

India also put on a brilliant performance in another difficult location. The men in blue then finished the series with a 2-1 lead over England in their backyard. It was also a remarkable performance by the Indian team in England.

SA vs IND: Zaheer Khan praises Mohammed Shami

The main reason behind such success is India’s bowling arsenal. They have been extremely effective against the opposition. It’s especially against teams like England and Australia who are very strong.

Former Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan praised the Indian bowling attack. He is immensely impressed with the Indian bowling attack. In addition, Zaheer Khan also congratulated Mohammed Shami.

Zaheer Khan said, “Watching his success gives me a really good high. His journey has been fantastic; in fact, all of the Indian leaders have become good bowlers. Shami has a formidable record and is one of the leaders of the peloton.

He further added, “The best part about him is that he delivers crucial breakthroughs at crucial times. He’s a game-changer. I have always judged myself and other bowlers on the ability to win 2-3 big wickets in a spell that can potentially change the game.

Zaheer Khan loves that Shami can get through. He said, “Shami has this ability. Unsurprisingly, he’s an important part of our world-class paced attack. “

India will face South Africa in the first test match at Centurion. Additionally, the game will be played from December 26.

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