Xbox will offer tools to make online game building accessible to everyone


They must reach a degree very similar to that of building tracks or films, with more and more convenience.

Microsoft He had an eventful start to the week. This Monday, they celebrated Xbox’s 20th Anniversary Development, which left us with a handful of the latest adapted video games, as well as the Halo Endless multiplayer e-newsletter. However, many interviews were also granted within this framework, which leaves us with some curious claims.

This is the case of the interview which Sarah bond awarded to GamesIndustry. In it, the director of the Xbox ecosystem spoke about the company’s plans within the company. When asked what they hope to achieve over the next decade, Bond stressed that one of the crucial goals is make leisure construction more accessible, so much so that anyone can start to grow taller in just one day.

“When you look at the video and the track, the author’s facet has become more democratic,” he explains. “You will have a Justin Bieber, someone who will educate himself and become famous, or you will start a job from that point on. It just doesn’t exist here, because it’s a lot. harder to make video games“.

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I wish Microsoft was the crowd to do itSarah Bond, Ecosystem Director“I want to see in ten years that we will have been pioneers by making it conceivable for anyone to transform a well-known author coming from being an ordinary citizen, ”he says. It’s smart for video games to be the fence to get back to this, but I think it’s going to happen and I would like Microsoft to be the crowd to do it. “.

Without knowing how they are going to perform this technique, what we will confirm with certainty is that at least with Xbox Recreation Go, they are heading to another track: that of anyone with the ability to access some games. pay affordable value. Bond herself wrote not too long ago that the baby carrier was once designed in a grossly different way than what we all know recently, but when we focus on Phil Spencer’s quotes we have the impression that they are paying.

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