World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas discusses game development


In a recent interview with WIRED, World of warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas shared his thoughts on the evolution of Wow and the ever-changing landscape of MMORPGs.

The article notes that in the early days of Wow, the “right way to play” was not always clear. As many of you know, you will need to stand in the middle of a settlement and see if anyone wants to join you in participating in the content.

Ion thinks about this,

“There were no rules. There was no right or wrong way to play. Just you and your pet wolf, as a hunter, trying to make your way around the world and figure things out from there.

As the interview progressed, it was noted that over the years the game’s systems started to streamline. As a result, your character leveling has become much faster. To that end, completing and experiencing epic raid bosses was something only a few players experienced initially,

“Epic raid bosses were something only a small percentage of the player base was able to experience. Today, a large party, something like more than half, managed to defeat the biggest multiplayer raids in the game. ”

The article continues, covering topics like social chat, guides, walkthroughs, wikis and what exactly. Wow means to various actors.

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