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He has been described as a “drug,” a “obsession” and one “love story.” wordlean online vocabulary game, is taking the internet by storm and attracting millions of people.

What is that?

wordle is deceptively simple to play, but harder to solve than it looks. The once-a-day deduction game asks players to come up with a five-letter word. Players are given a maximum of six guesses to complete the word.

Once players complete the game, successful or not, they receive a block of enigmatic-looking squares that they can use to brag about on social media. For the outside viewer, the ability to read these squares depends on having played the game themselves.

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How do we play?

It’s quite simple. Players begin by entering a five-letter word in the first row of boxes. By pressing “Enter”, the game will show how many letters belong to the word.

A green box means that the correct letter is in the correct place. A yellow box means the letter appears in the word, but is in the wrong place. A gray box means the letter does not appear in the word at all.

A screenshot from Wordle.

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From there, players go on a deduction journey. If his logic and spelling skills are at the top of his game, it’s often quite easy to figure out the word in six tries. But even the most bookish can struggle from time to time.

The story of the game

According to the New York Times, Wordle was designed by Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle. He created Wordle — a riff on his last name — for his wife who enjoys puns as a way to kill time during the pandemic.

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It became very popular in his family’s WhatsApp chat, and Wardle decided to take the game public in October 2021. On November 1, 90 people played. Today, the game has over 2.5 million daily players.

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Wordle’s simplicity stands out from so many other online games – no push notifications, no flashy graphics, no registrations, no ads. And that’s by design, says Wardle.

“In doing Wordle, I specifically rejected a bunch of things that you’re supposed to do for a mobile game“, he told NPR. “The rejection of some of this stuff actually drew people to the game because it seems pretty innocent and just wants you to have fun with it.”

Players are limited to one match per day. Everyone gets the same word, gets six tries, and when they’re done, a countdown is displayed until the next day’s word is posted.

In this photo illustration the Wordle word game is displayed on a mobile phone.

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Despite the game’s incredible popularity, Wardle told the Guardian he had mixed feelings about attention the game receives.

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“It’s going viral not feeling well, to be honest. I feel responsible for the players. I feel like I really owe it to them to make things work and make sure everything is working properly.

What is the best strategy?

Like any online game, there is no shortage of tips, tricks, and cheats to advance the game.

Some people start by trying to understand vowels. “Farewell” seems to be a popular selection for the first piece.

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Others take a tactic of Wheel of Fortune playbook and start with a word that contains popular consonants, such as “rate” or “snort”.

It is also important to note that letters can be duplicated within a word.

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Wardle told The New York Times that the game only use common words in his answers, and that he deleted any obscure words that would be too difficult to guess.

He ran into some trouble with the Canadiens, however, on January 12, when the word of the day was “favor”, spelled the American path. (Boldness!)

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If you need more advice and directions, there is everything Reddit and Twitter feeds dedicated to strategy.

The game that launched a thousand memes

Of course, with everything hitting a viral spike these days, Wordle memes have become almost as popular as the game itself.

There are memes out there to personally attack anyone who uses Wordle as a waste of time at work.

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Others have used the name of the game as a fun pun.

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Others look at the ability of gambling to produce deep anxiety.

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Some even find that Wordle spills over into their offline activities.

Even the Canadian government is getting involved.

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If you’ve been spending time on Twitter lately, chances are your feed is filled with little squares.

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And you know what? It’s completely OK. Wordle is a welcome little distraction in these difficult pandemic times.

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