What makes a simple online game a sensation?


Online games have been with us for decades. In the past, we liked to play games such as Tetris or go to the arcade to play our favorite games.

However, that has changed as it is now; you only need a smartphone to enjoy the many online games available. With smartphones becoming more affordable every day, most people can afford to buy them and play games online. Even children spend their free time playing online games.

While some of these games seem straightforward and straightforward, some have managed to create a sensation overnight. Some of them include:

candy Crush

If someone told you that they were glued to their screen playing a matching candy game, you wouldn’t pay much attention. However, candy Crush is currently played by over 90 million people around the world every day. Its developers collect around $ 800,000 a day from players who buy boosters and new lives.

This game which started out as a simple online game has grown into a sensation, with half a billion people downloading and playing it. So why has it become such a huge sensation?

The strategy of matching three or more candies and the sense of accomplishment we get feels like mini rewards for our brain, which release dopamine. In no time at all, you will become addicted to the pairing of these colorful candies. As the levels get more difficult, players can’t wait to conquer them and feel that sense of accomplishment.

angry Birds

The angry Birds The game was so popular that a movie was made of it. What has made more people addicted to the game is its simplicity, especially in the download process. It was easy to understand the gameplay which kept many players coming back.

The idea of ​​crushing these pigs is extremely satisfying for any player. In no time at all, people were hooked on gambling without stopping.

How online slots became the biggest sensation

When slots were first introduced to the online space, no one expected them to become the sensation of today. Most, if not all, online casinos offer slot machines because they are one of the most played online games today. So what made them feel like they are today?


One thing slot players love is the sheer variety available online. As technology continues to evolve, you can now find online slots in virtually any theme. Think about your favorite movie or TV show, and I bet you can find a slot machine that inspired it. Ranging from mythical legends to popular TV series and moves, there is an online slot machine for everyone.


Since slots take longer to pay out big winnings to players, depending on the volatility of the software developer, the coin size ranges from 0.01 to over 100, which makes slot machine games affordable compared to most casino games. Slot machines are designed with players’ bankrolls in mind and pay players according to their wagers. Players can determine how often a specific game pays out by viewing the RTP.

the angry birds movie
angry Birds

Progressive jackpot payouts

Another thing that has caused a stir in online slots is the progressive jackpot wins. These games are one of the most popular slot machine games in the world because they offer high payouts that could transform life, reaching into the millions.

Although progressive jackpots are high volatility games and require patience, they can turn you into a millionaire overnight, which is well worth the wait.

Mobile slots games

Today, most people own smartphones. Slot developers decided to tap into this market, and it was the best decision they could make, as mobile slot games have now become a sensation.

You can access mobile slots games from any device, including tablets, smartphones, and smart devices. Since most internet users use their mobile phones, it is also true that many gamers prefer to play online slots on their mobile devices.

Mobile slot machine games have introduced a convenience and anonymity that no one could have expected in the past. Ow, you can enjoy the spinning reels from the comfort of your home.

You can also withdraw your winnings from your mobile devices as most casinos offer payment methods that are compatible with mobile devices.

Free Online Slots

Unlike land-based slots, online slots allow you to play slots for free without first registering for an account on the platform. This is not possible anywhere else, unless you are using your mobile device. The internet has changed the way people enjoy online gambling, primarily slot machines. Most online casinos offer players to play demo games when deciding whether to invest their money to keep playing. This is a tactic that still works because online slots are fun to play and people sign up later.


Another reason why online slots are so prevalent is their availability. There are few or no online casinos that do not offer slot machines. Because of their popularity, you can play slots online virtually at any online casino, and with a wide variety of choices, there is never a shortage.


With all of these features, it’s easy to see why online slots have become a massive sensation among online bettors. The best thing is that no casino allows minors to play. In addition, some countries do not allow betting within their borders. However, the people of these countries can still enjoy their favorite slot machine games at offshore locations.


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