What is Wordle, the viral online game that has us all addicted?


A new year and a new enthusiasm. You may have seen or heard the hype surrounding Wordle, the new guessing game that has gone viral on Twitter. The digital version of the old board game Ludo became a huge hit during lockdown 2020. In 2021 we saw the return of PUBG in India. And in the first week of 2022, we have another game that has taken the internet by storm – Wordle.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a word game where you have to guess a five-letter word. Sound simple? It’s not. There are hardly any hints or clues to get you started. You get a maximum of six attempts to guess the correct word. After guessing each word, the software will tell you which letters were guessed correctly, and whether or not they are in the correct place. You don’t need to download any app to play the game. Wordle can be played on www.powerlanguage.co.uk.

Originally, the game allowed a player to guess a single word per day. But since Wordle has become incredibly popular in a very short time, a new version that has no daily word limit has been released.

So why is Wordle so popular if it’s just another guessing game? Well, for starters, that doesn’t make it easy for you, as mentioned. But if you guess right in the first 2-3 tries, you’re going to want to share your results, just like those gentlemen at the end of this story tweeted theirs. Whether you succeed in the first slots or the last try, Wordle is a great distraction, a concern, and a great conversation starter.

How to play Wordle?

Three colored indicators are your only guide to determining your last word. The green color on the box would mean that you guessed the correct letter. Orange will indicate that the letter is in the word, but not in the correct place. For letters that do not appear in the word, the box color will change to gray.


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