What are the most popular online game genres in 2021?


Video games have grown in popularity since their initial release over fifty years ago. Online play is now a vast industry that makes billions. As the industry grew and diversified, developers began to create more and more content with niche ideas, which is why there are so many genres of games.

The market is saturated with concepts; if you have an idea for a specific story, chances are it has already been done. In 2021, a few genres have started to dominate the market over all the others. Read on to find out which ones.

Why is the game popular?

Before the year’s most popular genres are revealed, it’s first important to recognize why the game is so popular. First, the game is accessible. There are many ways to play via consoles, PCs, or mobiles; there are also games for all levels. They vary in price; some games are free and some cost money, but there are plenty of options for all budgets. In addition, as mentioned above, the choice of game is vast. The modern gamer has more choices than ever before. There is something for everyone. The social aspect of the game is also intrinsically linked to its popularity. You can play remotely with your friends and family or with strangers around the world. This aspect has been a lifeline for many over the past year, helping to dispel the isolation felt during the pandemic.

First person shooters

This genre first gained popularity in the 90s, and interest has only snowballed since then. First-person shooters as a genre continue to evolve, much to the delight of its audiences. This genre owes its popularity to the immersive experience it offers to gamers. There are literally hundreds of thousands of first person shooter games out there, so there is something for everyone, but one thing is for sure, this genre will dominate this year.

Online casino

Online gambling is not a new concept; however, his interest has grown considerably over the past year. Placing bets online is great for people looking for excitement as the stakes are higher than with traditional video games like you are. play with real money. More and more people are choosing to log into online casinos, either as seasoned players honing their skills or as newbies looking to jump into a new hobby. These novices have also used online review sites to help them choose the best casino for their needs, thus increasing their chances of success.

Royal battle

This genre is arguably one of the most popular for 2021. Almost every company in the gaming industry has either released a product that is first part of the battle royale genre, or has used elements of it in the past two years. years. They are multiplayer and intensely competitive, which makes the victories extremely rewarding.

Role games

This genre is perhaps one of the most creative in the industry, both for developers when making the game and for gamers. A whole world is built in which players can move freely. They can also fully customize their characters. RPGs allow gamers a lot more freedom than other genres. Gaming platforms offer dozens of such games to the player upon registration, simply showing their popularity in 2021.

Action and adventure

This genre is all about the adrenaline rush and vicarious life through your game character. This genre is mostly narrative. It brings a story to life, and as the protagonist, you must complete tasks and solve puzzles to progress. It has grown in popularity over the past year as people crave this breakout during the pandemic, and it shows no signs of slowing down now as we approach the other side of this pandemic.

Strategy and tactics

This genre is more cerebral. He relies on a player to use his mind. The player is responsible for managing all aspects of the battle, such as harvesting energy sources and building defensive bases, while maneuvering troops and planning combat elements. These games can be more complex because there are more components to consider. If some are forgotten or not handled properly, the player may lose the game.


This genre is still popular. People love the thrill of being afraid, even if they themselves don’t know it at the time. This genre offers a form of escape that resonates more deeply with its player than most other games. The pride in overcoming and facing fears is always powerful, even if it’s just pixels on a screen. Survival horror games inspire the player to invest emotionally in the characters and their survival.


These games offer gamers a chance to live out their dreams. Whether in football, basketball – even cricket. These games benefit from the names they can attach to them; When a game is approved or features the appearance of someone’s favorite player, they are more likely to want to play it themselves. Some sports games are household names; Take the example of Fifa. These games also have a better social feel than some other genres because they have a more universal appeal.

Casual game

2021 is also expected to see an increase in the number of casual players. These games target a mass audience and often don’t require as much skill from the players. They have simpler rules, shorter sessions, and require less dedication from the player. This genre got its start on social media sites like Facebook. They’re often free, but usually offer in-game purchases. The genre may be less respected, but that hasn’t dampened its popularity.


Video games are everywhere, and they have an appeal that transcends age, race, gender, and even language. With millions of games across hundreds of genres, there really is something for everyone. As the gaming industry continues to grow rapidly, none of these genres are guaranteed to be on next year’s roster, as it’s really unclear what new fads and trends might emerge.

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