What are the most popular game genres being played in 2022?


Online gaming is one of the most popular ways to relax and kill time, especially lately. With ever-increasing and evolving demands, game developers must constantly seek to recreate game genres in a new light or twist to keep players intertwined. In today’s article, we’ll go over the most popular game genres being played in 2022!

First person shooters (FPS)

When we mention the first person shooter, one of the most popular games that comes to our mind is The Vanguard of Call of Duty or the Battlefield franchise. Both of these games have established themselves as gaming classics and when someone mentions the word gaming too often, it is associated with FPS.

These games require players to take on the role of a soldier or character who at some point will have to fire. These games are usually enjoyed online against other players in real-time simulated warfare.

betting games

Wagering games have been around for decades and it’s no surprise that they have arrived in the online gambling space. During the last years Sports betting Canada and casino gaming in Canada has grown significantly. Perhaps due to the release of said games on mobile devices and ease of access.

Nevertheless, whether sports betting or casino games are fun, betting games have become one of the most popular game genres. You could say that games like EA’s Fifa Ultimate team use “gambling games” with its pack system that forces players to buy random card packs in hopes of unlocking star players.

Sports games

Another super popular game genre is the sports genre. Games like FIFA, UFC, NBA and many more have dominated the gaming genre scene. These games are bringing sports to the big screens and controllers in our homes.

Games like FIFA have also mastered the art of playing single player with your friends in game modes like Pro Clubs. Here, players can each create a character and choose their preferred position, players then only have to control that specific player in an attempt to improve their character’s stats and lead their team to victory!

Sports games are still perhaps the best games to enjoy in split-screen when you have friends over and may owe their success to being so much fun with friends.


Yes, simulation games are another super popular genre among the gaming community whether it is mechanical simulator or train driver simulation games that have taken the gaming community by storm.

These games may have been made popular by games such as The Sims. Today there are several simulation games including even an agricultural simulator. Although some games aren’t exactly realistic, they can be hours of laughable fun and are great ways to unwind from the hassles of everyday life.

It is also noted that some simulation games have helped some people find their preferred career path and allowed individuals to taste a new job before quitting their current job.


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