Webinar: Overcoming the challenges of deploying external data to launch and scale innovative financial products, March 30, 2022


Wednesday, March 30, 2 p.m. EDT

The financial services market is going through an intense period of product innovation, with fintechs and incumbents launching new financial products (e.g. “buy now, pay later”, cash advance, virtual cards, etc.).

These products depend on accurate, timely, and reliable external data for use cases including marketing, customer onboarding, underwriting, credit, fraud detection, and portfolio monitoring, among others.

The matrix of product offerings and use cases can be challenging for FIs on two fronts. First, finding, testing, and integrating appropriate external data sources for each use case can be overwhelming among the sea of ​​data products available. Second, as FIs evolve, managing the overhead of data provider contracts across different regulations is not a trivial task. These challenges frequently lead to delays in product launches and workflow optimizations (for example, improving fraud detection by adding additional data sources).

Join this webinar to learn how two innovative fintechs are tackling this challenge using an external data platform that includes over 700 ready-to-integrate data products, a data orchestration layer to customize integrations, and a searchable data catalog .

  • The story of how two fintechs launched their financial products, including their journey to plan, launch and grow these products.
  • The challenges they faced with external data on this journey, particularly around data sourcing, testing, and integration.
  • How an external data platform company has helped many financial institutions rapidly deploy and scale products and enable critical geographic expansion.


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