Vegeta’s 10 Best Techniques, Ranked


The Dragon Ball Z crossing with Fortnite finally arrived, and many fans are excited to try their hand at Goku or Vegeta in this battle royale. With the main characters of the dragonball franchise being added to the game, many fans must be wondering how many of their vast techniques will achieve this.

It has already been confirmed that Saiyans will be able to transform into their various Super Saiyan transformations. Vegeta himself, known for his destructive finishers and aggressive fighting style, has a whole arsenal of moves, from his classic Galick Gun to his more recent Gamma Burst Flash.


ten Final brilliance attack

Final Shine Attack was a technique that only appeared in Dragon Ball GT. Vegeta uses it once against Super Android 17. He harnesses his power in a single palm, then unleashes a huge blast of green energy.

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It was a visually impressive attack, although it didn’t do much to its enemy. Be that as it may, the technique has still found its place in several dragonball video games, with many fans loving the technique for its visually pleasing color and power.

9 End impact

Final Impact is a lethal technique that is awfully reminiscent of Frieza’s Death Beam. However, rather than pointing a single finger forward to fire, Vegeta lays out three. This attack is also significantly larger than the Death Beam and yellow in color.

If this technique had been used on a normal opponent, he wouldn’t have been so lucky. However, Vegeta used it on Majin Buu, who could regenerate over and over again. Either way, it’s a cool-looking technique that’s well-known by dragonball fans due to Vegeta’s iconic position in the anime and manga.

8 dirty fireworks

Vegeta defeats Cui easily with a deadly assault that ends with Vegeta blasting Cui into nothing but ash in one of Dragon Ball’s bloodiest scenes. This technique has been a favorite of many fans due to its reappearances in numerous video games.

This moment and this fight also largely resembles Goku’s battle against Tambourine in the past. The two Saiyans recover and gain strength dramatically through their Zenkais (near-death experience) and face an enemy who knows them from a much weaker power. They then launch an attack that they believe killed their opponent to find out how much stronger and faster they have become. Shortly after, the two attempt to flee, and both Goku and Vegeta annihilate their opponents.

seven Big Bang Attack

One of Vegeta’s most memorable attacks is the Big Bang attack which he uses to destroy Android 19. This attack is a large blue ball which Vegeta fires to deliver a devastating finishing blow.

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Much like most of Vegeta’s techniques, these are meant to be finishing moves. Although Vegeta hasn’t always been able to finish off his opponents when he wanted to, he always intends to do so, which reflects his more aggressive nature compared to his companions.

6 Gamma burst flash

Gamma Burst Flash has become Vegeta’s new signature move in the Dragon Ball Super manga. When teamed up with Goku, Vegeta usually uses this technique alongside Goku’s Kamehameha, which helped them become one of the dragonballthe best duets.

Vegeta has never had a strong signature technique, especially when it comes to Dragon Ball Z. The only time he had recurring techniques was in video games and in the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga, but it’s nice to have such a new and awesome technique reminiscent of his old finishing moves like his new signature attack.

5 ultra ego

Vegeta’s most recent technique in the Dragon Ball Super manga is an ability called Ultra Ego. The design has won favor with many fans due to the stark contrast it makes to Ultra Instinct and how it strongly reflects Vegeta’s villainous past.

While it was undoubtedly an epic technique that gave Vegeta one of the best transformation scenes in dragonball, this technique goes against the development of his character so far in the series. It’s something Vegeta realizes before he even tries it, and fans probably won’t see this technique again in the future.

4 final flash

The unleashed power of Vegeta’s Final Flash technique was amazing and blew many fans away upon seeing it for the first time. This attack perfectly shows how Akira Toriyama didn’t just settle with a character firing a powerful technique at an opponent.

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There was pride involved for Vegeta and Cell, and tactics involving Vegeta directing the beam in a way that wouldn’t destroy the planet. Although this technique failed to defeat Cell, it did significant damage and appeared several times in Dragon Ball Super and other documents since then.

3 Galick Pistol

This was Vegeta’s first major technique that fans got to see when he was at his strongest. DBZ character from the Saiyan saga. This technique was a rival to Goku’s own Kamehameha in their fight and the two have been constantly compared ever since.

Although this technique only made one appearance in its normal form in Dragon Ball Z it has appeared in many materials besides this one. This technique also became Vegeta’s signature in the Dragon Ball Super anime, but that never stopped Vegeta from mixing up many of his old techniques as well.

2 super saiyan

With Goku unlocking his Super Saiyan transformation in such a specific way that Vegeta never could at the time, the Saiyan warrior had to get his form differently.

After a while, he achieves this, and throughout the series performs most of the same transformations as Goku. The only major form he doesn’t possess is Super Saiyan 3. This technique has been incredibly useful for Vegeta and has become one of the most iconic aspects of the anime series.

1 final blast

Vegeta’s character was originally meant to end with his death against Majin Buu. However, the plans were later changed. Either way, Vegeta’s final outburst against Buu was an incredible scene that stunned many fans.

This former villain was now willing to sacrifice his own life to save Earth. He fails in this endeavor, but the scene is still one of the most beloved and memorable of dragonball Fans. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta also uses this technique again against Toppo but is now able to harness its power without killing himself.

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