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The cataclysm of 2020 was a major reset in people’s drinking practices. There was a great acclimatization with advanced tools for the current landscape, something that was on hold but accelerated with urgency to meet the needs of consumers.

Almost in 2022, we move into a new generation focused on both consumer and brand, and the media play a gargantuan role in amalgamating innovation and ethical practices.

Understanding that video will continue to be the most engaging form of online content to stay in the business topography and stay ahead of the game is not as complex as brain surgery. It is noticeable that videos will continue to be in fashion in the near future, where all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

A steadfast strategy based on future trends would translate into increased ROI, whether it is a startup or a large corporation.

The requirement for ultra-futuristic video creation software

Today’s consumer is intelligent and judicious; therefore, brands need to manipulate their branding strategies through intelligent video content that is captured and rendered while establishing their online presence in the best possible way.

Sophisticated AI and ML-based software are enhanced to predict patterns of customer behavior, analyzing data in real time and simultaneously improving the personal experience.


There has been a huge increase in co-viewing services, as many OTT platforms and broadcasters have consolidated solutions that not only allow viewers to watch the game from different geographic locations, but also incorporate advanced interaction between the television viewers.

Interestingly, we are concerned that synchronized visualization will turn dormant consumption into dynamic, performative consumption, adding new interactive features that will prompt further interactions.


As consumers navigate a shift in the media matrix, they are increasingly aware of the high prices attached to each subscription. Most broadcasters and OTT platforms compete to provide a unique solution for the growing trajectory of viewers.

Major broadcasters and brands aim to homogenize media content assets like movies, music, publications, games, etc. providing a complete solution at a fraction of the cost. The impetus is to be able to grasp the breadth of content and compete in the world of video streaming.

The current consumer has already indulged in bulking in recent years and has become perceptive to understand the pros / cons of bulking.

Video technology companies are now regrouping with a myriad of multimedia offerings which will experience a gigantic leap in the years to come with collaborations from major brands.

Abridged videos

Pop-up videos are increasingly the number one trend that online marketers should watch out for. Anything less than 2 minutes 30 seconds is a short video. With some social networks docked at 30 seconds, other platforms set their own duration.

Recognizing that human attention span has shrunk over time due to the mountain of video content available, capitalizing on short content and innovative discovery solutions would be an advantage to engage with viewers.

Some trends that most businesses should watch out for are –

User Generated Content (UGC)

It is user-friendly while evoking the emotions of the viewer / buyer. Such content has a remarkable influence on the purchasing decisions of customers. It works on the concept “Is my consumer affected by this?” »And helps define user demand and achieve consumer sweet spot

In the wings

Consumers love authenticity and blatant truth. Viewers seemed to have connected more to brands whose CEOs were more visual on social media. Or whose work culture content is used to disseminate messages. Consumers love to see the human connection behind the brand work its way through noise.

Surprise the consumer

Photorealism is the next buzz in the years to come, where the lines between the real and virtual world are blurred. AI algorithms and virtual realism have improved the viewer experience, especially when a large amount of content is delivered in the most believable way.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have strongly influenced decision-making ability and accelerated the process of transforming a potential viewer into a buyer with virtual store tours and virtual trials. Not only that, it has already been incorporated into virtual learning, whether in a classroom setting or while experiencing the Amazon rainforest.

5G networks and 360 degree cameras have made it possible to capture 8k resolution videos creating depth and perception. Consumers can now experience sci-fi effects from their own living room without burning their pockets.

DAI (dynamic ad insertion)

It is server-side video technology that assembles ads into streaming video flawlessly with no buffering or latency. Ads are embedded at the right time, while countering ad blocking software, increasing brand presence on multiple levels and analyzing geo-socio demographics, cultural patterns and even behavioral patterns of the targeted consumer.

Cloud-based data analytics deliver ads to targeted consumer segments, amplifying the chances of engagement and conversion by delivering a personalized branding solution across multiple platforms. Overall, the cloud-based DAI solution is the best pull-up design to maximize screen presence.

Adaptive content

The future of personalized content marketing is to deliver content to the user, based on who, when, where how and what device is used to access the content, where technology is combined with creativity. It is a strategy designed to serve as the backbone of personalized omnichannel interaction based on customer analytics.

He’s already had a huge comeback, almost three to ten times the average. Vlogs and stories are already having an impact on creating a personal connection with audiences. This has a huge impact on SEO, building credibility and boosting consumer confidence, adding value to efforts and relationship building.

Humans have been creating and embracing the Internet and its technology for a few decades now, and we have seen the power of videos over time. It is an undeniable truth that there is an indispensable need to create high quality video content in order to have a deep relationship with the customer and to lead the race.

Recognizing that everyone is a potential consumer, much is being done to facilitate looming content requests and budget cuts. Current trends corroborate that almost everyone succumbs to a new technology at some point. So, it is recommended to fasten your seat belts and enjoy friendly driving in the future.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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