Top 5 Sure-Fire Tips and Tricks for Rust Online Gaming


Rust is the only online multiplayer survival game that has become a fan favorite in no time. The amazing thing about this game is that it has no meaning, no rules, and no real goals. The players decide for themselves how they are going to proceed the game.

This flexibility makes Rust a trendy game with beautiful scenery. It is a full-fledged survival game where you will have to craft your tools, a base for storing, farming, looting the enemy base for its items and much more.

You can also search undetected rust hacks to outperform your competition. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Selecting the right server

This point isn’t even the most crucial tip in the game, but it is very important. Sometimes new players, out of excitement, choose an almost full server. When they appear in the game, all other players already on the server have crafted their weapons. And in this way, they are killed very quickly.

It is also possible to meet many highly skilled players on the already packed server. So, it would be best to choose the server with the least occupancy to ensure that you don’t get killed immediately when you spawn.

Make a quick spear

When you spawn on the server, you must first craft a spear as soon as you spawn; you are attacked by other players from an enemy clan. So you will need a spear to protect yourself from it. Don’t be busy collecting and exploring.

Focus on crafting a spear as quickly as possible to increase your chances of survival. Spear helps you fight enemy players and helps you hunt the animal for food and other things. The wooden spear is the cheapest to buy. This will work in the early stages of the game’s battles. Therefore, you should make spear crafting a priority.

Use decoys in the base

Base raids are an integral part of the game and you need to protect your base from enemy raids. If the enemy player is successful in raiding your base, they’ll take any valuables you’ve gathered.

An easy way to avoid this is to plant decoys. You can stack your less valuable in a place that is easy to locate and loot. This way when the enemy loots your base in a hurry. You will only need these less valuable items and you can keep your valuables hidden for later use. Also consider making an airlock door.

If you can’t defend your base and die in a base raid, the enemy will have to break two locks before entering the base to loot. If you even die on the door, unable to close the door, the airlock will give your enemy a new obstacle to overcome.

Make a sleeping bag

As in Minecraft, a good sleeping bag is essential for sleeping in a safe place. It is another essential item like a spear or an ax. Players will start farming and building deep within the island and respawn at the beach.

So if you have a sleeping bag you can avoid dying and respawning at the starting point for a frustrating hike to your farming area on the island. You will need 30 items of clothing to make a suitable sleeping bag. You can achieve this by growing hemp fiber trees, as they each yield ten garments.

Watch out for eastern animals

Rust’s animals are great for getting a lot of valuable items. But, they also represent a danger as many of Rust’s animals are predators. You have to watch out for them and watch your surroundings.

Sometimes the character starves in the game. Therefore, you have to eat and prepare good food. Most of Rust’s animals move east and therefore this is a great direction to search for animals. Players can confidently venture in this direction.


Here are some essential tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing the Rust online multiplayer game. Good game !


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