Tips, codes and secrets for each Nintendo Switch Online game


The Nintendo Switch Expansion Pack is coming soon, giving Nintendo Switch owners a selection of free DLCs, a SEGA Channel with many famous Genesis games, and the Nintendo 64 Channel which features an ever-growing library of Nintendo 64 titles perfect for the game. everyone who has begged Nintendo for a mini N64 for years.

With things like the Nintendo 64, a lot of people remember old games for their visual appeal. Creative ways that graphics fool you to create awesome visuals despite software limitations. The evolution of the game when it left the 16-bit domain. But there was another aspect of the game back then that I particularly liked. The secrets.

Many video games in the 80s and 90s had secrets and codes. Video game magazines would always have at least one page dedicated to displaying cheat codes and the like. Over time these have been removed from most games as we have become obsessed with the concept of trophies and achievements. But older games do. And even though they didn’t have codes, it was at least a guarantee that you could at least find a cool secret to mess around with.

So, in honor of the Code Age, here are some of the best secrets for each of the games released with the N64 side of the expansion pack.

Super Mario 64

  • Recharge your health
    • Whenever your health is low, you can refill it by jumping into the water and coming back, or, if you see a pole sticking out of the ground, going around it five times will cause coins to pop out.
  • Yoshi!
    • One of my favorite things to show people before the internet. When you get the 120 stars, exit the castle to find that a cannon has risen. Climb aboard and shoot to the top of the tower to find Yoshi hiding in the tower! Sadly, it’s not the 3DS remake, so you can’t play with it, but it will give you 100 extra lives AND give you an improved triple jump.

Mario kart 64

  • Booster
    • Hit the gas just as the final light strikes at the start of a race to activate a temporary boost giving you a head start.
  • Cancel the effects of bananas
    • If you hit the breaks at the same time as you hit a banana peel, you will hear a little noise and see a special animation and you only break slightly instead of going around in circles.
  • hidden finished
    • This one is weirdly tough, but if you manage to get a final circuit ranking in 4th place, you’ll see a special ending that you can’t get at any other position.

Star fox 64

  • Warping
    • When you’re on stages like Weather or Sector X and encounter Warp Rings, walking through them without missing any will teleport you to new stages.
  • Play in a tank or on foot in multiplayer
    • To change the multiplayer mode, beating Venom and beating Venom as an expert will respectively unlock the tank and “on foot” options for multiplayer.

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