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Whiskey Keeper’s Heart

Whether you’ve been a lifelong whiskey drinker or just getting into the game, check out Keeper’s Heart Whiskey. Keeper’s Heart combines the unique qualities of Irish grain whiskeys and single pot still whiskeys with American rye whiskey in a remarkable drink worth tasting. the Irish and American the components of the blend are Irish Triple Distilled Pot Still Whiskey, Irish Grain Whiskey and American Rye. For more on why this might be your new favorite, read below.

Guardian Heart

brian nation

Guardian Heart


The baking spice notes of Irish whiskey blend beautifully with the sweetness and oak of American whiskey to create a whiskey perfect for any occasion, equally excellent neat, on ice or in a cocktail.

new and old

Keeper’s Heart’s flagship Irish and American whiskey is the first whiskey to bring together the best of Irish and American distilling traditions.


Master Distiller, Brian Nation is a legend in the world of Irish whiskey, having been only the third person to hold the prestigious title of Master Distiller for Irish distillers (Jameson, Midleton, Redbreast). David Perkins, founder of High West Distillery and titan in the field of American whiskey, works alongside Brian as a collaborator and advisor.

Price: $39


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