This is Hideo Kojima’s new concept for an online game, which leaves Dying Stranding on top of the weird


That Hideo Kojima came up with a whole new crazy concept for an online game should no longer amaze anyone, especially after what has been observed in Dying Stranding and the rest of his business as an online game developer. On the other hand, Kojima is able to anticipate the “no surprise” and has done so with his new proposal: an online game that adjusts in real time and according to who is playing it.

In an interview with Jap mag Anan (using Comicbook), Kojima mentioned his recess paintings Boktai: the sun is in your hands via Konami for the Recreation Boy Advance. Boktai’s weapon absorbed the daylight, allowing the hero to evaluate them for use against vampires. It seems that this idea prompted Kojima to hunt additional tactics to create video games that can trade and evolve according to the positioning, movements or reports of the participant.

I need to create a recreation that adjusts in real time. Even though there are other people of different ages and occupations who enjoy the same hobbies, they do it the same way. Instead, I need the sport to change depending on where this person lives and their distinctive perspective… How would you like to defeat vampires using daylight, [Boktai] He could swap depending on the location and while you are playing. This crude feature connects artificial methods with real lifestyles.“, Dijo Kojima.

You just want to let your creativity run wild to see that Kojima’s concept is awfully good, but sophisticated for psychological exhaustion. On a smaller scale, that’s why players move once they see an elaborate persona editor or persona machine that affects their skills and the way they treat the industry. In Fallout 76, for example, depending on how you increase your character’s skills, you may or may not be able to access (in many tactics) positive spaces.

Some examples to make the theory transparent: believe that you are enjoying Dying Stranding and it is starting to rain on your town, then online play would replace in real time and it could start to rain, with all that that includes in the game. in line. Another example: think the player goes every week without entering the online game, it may be affected by the resistance of nature due to the loss of training.

Oddly enough, Kojima wanted to take the idea of ​​Boktai even further when the game was still under construction. Recreation allows players to use daylight to power their weapons, but on some level as well researched in order to add a sensor likely to scent the participant’s breath. Since garlic is deadly to vampires, the theory was that if the participant ate something with garlic, it could have such a big effect on enemies. The theory was rejected by the rest of the sports team, but it shows that Kojima is always ready to grasp new concepts, even if they don’t always understand.


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