The Stoned Ape Crew NFT Evolution is live!


Vienna, Austria, January 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (Blockchain Wire)

The Stoned Ape Crew (SAC) is thrilled to announce that the first and only auction of a Genesis Apes collectible is live, kicking off the smoking weed and buying NFT movement. The Stoned Ape Metaverse features a valuable collection of Stoned Ape NFTs that wielders can evolve with four distinct roles. Users can collect, trade and stake their monkeys to earn cryptocurrency.

Early investors can earn daily rewards in $PUFF, the StonedApeCrew NFT utility token. The project offered 4200 Stoned Apes from The Genesis Collection, which sold out in 2 minutes. Those who missed the sale can buy monkeys on the Magiceden NFT Market.

Holders of the Genesis Collection can stake their NFTs to earn daily $PUFF rewards and enjoy more real-world utility. Role-based monkeys earn 2x $PUFF, while chimpanzees earn $15 PUFF per day. Meanwhile, the ultra-rare Sealz Apes net stakers an incredible return of $169 PUFF/day.

The APE NFT evolution process

The Stoned Ape project offers the first NFT with 4 roles: scientists, businessmen, farmers and artists. There was a 50/50 mint chance for a user to grab a role-based ape or chimpion. Holders of the OG NFT collection can generate unique monkeys with over 140 traits.

Metaverse players can curate a rare collection of Nuked Apes, which will be extremely valuable due to their exciting traits and low supply. This Nuked collection will stand out on Solana and add value to $PUFF and the Genesis Apes collection.

The SAC Evolution Set allows users to transform their Genesis Apes and add exciting new traits to their NFTs. The concept uses token-burning mechanisms that take $PUFF out of circulation to facilitate evolution.

Players must use $PUFF to breed Nuked Apes. These tokens will be completely burned, tightening the supply and increasing the value for holders. Over time, the amount of $PUFF needed to breed new Nuked Apes will increase, making the NFT collection even more rare and valuable.

The Role of $PUFF Tokens in the Stoned Metaverse

$PUFF holders enjoy many benefits in the metaverse, including the ability to evolve the role and traits of their Genesis Ape collection.

Token holders can also pay for weed at several dispensaries in the United States, offering discounts to members of the Stoned Ape universe. SAC will soon open its own cafes in the US and Germany where users can buy weed using $PUFF, driving widespread use and acceptance of the token. The team will also expand payment options with $PUFF to CBD and StonedApeCrew online stores worldwide, allowing users to pay for stoner products, Delta-8 products and accessories using crypto.

Additionally, $PUFF holders can co-own rare digital artworks through the platform’s NFT Fractional Ownership feature. SAC uses certain royalties to purchase NFTs from side collections and split ownership to $PUFF holders.

To earn $PUFF and farm nuked collection NFTs or buy weed, users must stake a Stoned Ape of the Genesis Collection of Alternatively, they can purchase the native token on exchanges.

The Stoned Ape Crew has many upcoming projects on their 2.0 roadmap, including the most stoned launch party in Amsterdam. They are committed to launching an NFT evolution that will herald the takeover of the Solana and Cannabis industry.

To learn more about the Stoned metaverse and own a token with real utility and great deflationary tokenomics, check out the resources below:

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