The most popular video game genres for 2020


This year promises to be rather promising in the gaming industry: first of all, the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles will appear; Second, many games for the new Google Stadia cloud platform will also be released. Several remakes of older games are also set to be released, but it’s more interesting to know which genres will be the most popular this year. Here are our top suggestions:


This type of game continues to occupy the highest positions among players due to the ability to express oneself through online characters. Now, every MMORPG game allows fans to create their own unique computer alter ego by establishing a wide variety of fantastic characters, developing them, improving their skills and abilities. In addition, there are a lot of new things to be released in 2020:

  • Hegemony by Envision Studios;
  • Blue Protocol by Project Sky Blue;
  • Mortal Online by Star Vault AB;
  • The Elder Scrolls Online – Greymoor by Zenimax Online Studios;
  • Savage Hunt: Dragon’s Prophet by Runewaker, etc.

However, there are other genres that can compete with MMORPGs – Adult Games.

Adult gender

The adult theme has always been popular among the gaming community thanks to its awesome effects and the ability to configure characters. Those inspired by attractive Glasgow escort women on may be particularly interested in new versions of visual novels:

  • H-Rescue by G-Blood;
  • Steamy sextet from Belgerum;
  • Together – A wish no one remembers from Hangover Cat Purrroduction;
  • Wandering Kingdom by Lunaris Games, etc.

What could be more interesting than the sexual content?

Maze games

Games such as mazes and quests help kill time on the way to work or school because in puzzles you can change difficulty levels and avoid creating strategies. In addition to the different levels, combinations and results in the puzzles, there are sometimes several at once – they make our brain think more. This genre of games will certainly continue to be popular in many countries as several more colorful games of this genre have recently been released:

  • Fuzzy’s Quest by David J Noble;
  • Puzzle Game: Dinosaurs by Snkl Studio;
  • Gardenscapes by Playrix, etc.


These games are especially great for those who admire the long game and are passionate about the outcome. Nothing better than watching how your army defeats its rival on the battlefield or when your small village turns into a huge city. Therefore, many gamers are eager to play the latest versions of 2020:

  • Change: A Homeless Survival Experience by Delve Interactive;
  • Chaos Theory: Pirates by Chaos Theory Studios;
  • Galaxy Edge by Kinderril;
  • Hexogin by Infinite Loop Games, etc.

Today, more and more developers are entering the gaming market. If you’re still not sure which game is worth your attention, just select the genre and theme that’s right for you. We bet the whole world is just a few clicks away from you.

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