The most popular genres of video games in 2019


The gaming world has undergone a number of sweeping changes that have drastically shaped and reshaped the face of gaming over the past two decades. Since the first Nintendo Gameboys and revolutionary Sony PlayStations, the gamer market has always been around, which means the demand for interesting games has been too. Timeless classics like Super Mario continue to stand the test of time and have spawned several other games branching out into different genres. Today’s video game makers keep this versatility in mind during their ideation and execution phases, providing gamers with gorgeous gameplay that crosses more than one genre at a time. Even more modern tablets for games allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the gaming world. And that brings us to an important caveat, with so much overlap, there are a lot of games that qualify for several different genres! Nonetheless, there are genres that always keep fans coming back. Let’s break them down, make yourself comfortable on your favorite chair and get ready to find out what are they?

10. Race

If there is one genre of video game that almost everyone has played in one form or another, it must be the classic racing games. Whether it’s Mario Kart or Forza Horizon, racing games are the epitome of competition. While it takes a bit of practice to navigate tracks like Rainbow Road, racing games are some of the easiest to learn and the simplest to play on any gaming console. The goal is simple: to be the fastest car to cross the finish line.

9. Fight

Fighting games have been a staple of the industry since the existence of games. Arcades from the ’80s and’ 90s featured long lines of players waiting to try their hand at Tekken and Street Fighter. The basis of fighting games is simple: trade punches until a fighter’s health bar is completely dry. Choosing your fighter is only half the battle; it’s the timing that wins. These games have slowly lost their appeal since the ’90s, but games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate keep it in the top ten.

8. Simulation

Building your characters and creating your play environments are the defining characteristics of a simulation game. One of the best (and worst) things about simulation games is that you can never get tired of them. There is a reason why The sims games have remained incredibly popular, and no matter how many expansion packs or editions they create, gamers will always buy. Designed to simulate real-world activities, simulation games mimic reality and allow players to live the life of their own fictional constructions.

7. Sandbox / Open world

Characterized by minimal character limitations and free roaming capability, sandbox games are the Freedom Rider’s response to a call for the release of progression-style games. Unlike traditional upgrade games, sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption feature minigames, tasks, multiple storylines, and an overall non-linear gaming landscape. Players have access to the entire world from start to finish and are free to go on an adventure from the first load.

6. Action-Adventure

Gamers who are avid fans of the action-adventure genre usually have these special games close to their hearts. From The Legend of Zelda to Tomb Raider, these action-packed games are packed with character development, intense storytelling, item collecting, puzzle solving, and game exploration. Action-adventure games function more like an interactive movie than traditional role-playing games, making them a classic genre that captivates players of all ages.

5. Sport

Sports games are another genre that has never lost its popularity during decades of video game development. Today’s NBA 2K19 has become so alive that it could easily be mistaken for a real basketball game. The same rules apply, the same teams and players exist, and intelligent artificial intelligence makes single player play as realistic as basketball can look on a TV screen. Games like FIFA and Madden are turning real sports into esports, and each annual release sparks the same excitement (and selling power) as the last.

4. First person shooter

Named after perspective positioning, first-person shooters immerse players in the in-game landscape. Instead of watching your character run and follow your commands, you become the character. Top sellers like Monitoring and the Call of Duty franchise give players a front row seat for the action. The gameplay generally follows a storyline that requires a lot of shots for linear progression and brisk reaction times to perform accurate kill shots.

3. Battle Royale

More popular than ever, battle royale games feature multiple fighters fighting until one fighter remains standing. So if you know how to play PUBG, you will have no problem learning the ropes of Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Ring of Elysium or Mavericks. As simple as it sounds, conquering the battle royale leaderboards requires some serious, world-class chops.

2. Role play

RPGs or role-playing games are characterized by rich storylines and decision-making. Players lead in-game characters through the in-game landscape, making a number of simple and complex choices that shape the development of each individual story. RPGs cover a lot of genre bases, so favorites of gamers like The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda qualify as both action-adventure and RPG.

Video games are in many ways a world of their own. Whatever your genre preference, all you have to do is turn on and charge for a quick escape from this universe to another. Each of these ten genres offers something different and something worth trying.

1. Massively Multiplayer Online Games

There’s no getting around this, MMOs and all of their subsets have captured the hearts of the gaming community over the past decade or more. Players looking to take on competition from all over the world need look no further than a good MMO. Massively Multiplayer Online Games feature hundreds or even thousands of players playing the same game on the same server. MMOs allow players to compete and cooperate with each other on an incredibly large scale. From World of Warcraft to Knights of the Old Republic, MMOs have such a variety of options that there is always a game that fans can enjoy.

After the announcement at E3, we can safely say that these genres will always remain strong at the top. But whatever games you play in, it’s important that you have a strong and stable internet connection to experience the full potential of these games without lag issues. With so many options to choose from, it’s best that you do your research to make the best investment. Check this link to find out why Xfinity Internet is ideal for most gamers.

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