The giraffe SA bizarrely uses judo techniques during the fight for a partner [watch]


A South African giraffe has proven not to bother her after using judo moves to help her in a battle with another giraffe. At one point in the outrageous clip circulating online, he manages to hit his opponent to the ground using a martial arts style throw.

Judo giraffe amazes with top notch fighting skills

Many people were genuinely amazed after a clip of two South African giraffes fighting was shared online. While an animal fight was nothing fun, many couldn’t help but notice how good one of the animals was.

In the clip, the young giraffe uses what looks a lot like martial arts skills while trying to bring down her opponent. In fact, at one point, he pulled his older rival’s leg out from underneath, causing him to crash hard to the ground.

The two giraffes that were filmed at Kariega Game Reserve by 31-year-old tour guide Wayne Howarth were arguing over a female and let’s just say the judo giraffe had no intention of leaving empty-handed.

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After successfully taking down her rival, the young giraffe then put her hoof on the body of the fallen giraffe – something Daily mail the reports seem to be a display of domination.

The other animal suffered no real danger except for a blow to his ego as he walked away from the battle both defeated and with no female to mate with.

Meanwhile, Wayne had this to say:

“I was amazed at the power of the two animals. It really got my adrenaline pumping being so close to them on foot. I have been a guide in Kariega for 11 years and have never had such a sighting like this.

“I saw giraffes fighting but never saw a knockdown.”

After spotting the clip, many online users joked that the giraffe should consider joining the UFC.

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