The future of Overwatch could include other game genres


Overwatch is already striving to create a compelling universe and lore for a game with little in-game emphasis on storytelling.

Blizzard’s big task this year is To watch, a massive multiplayer online shooter that pits teams of heroes against each other to attack and defend objectives. A closed beta is currently underway, with an open beta for those who pre-order coming a few months before the game’s release on May 24. While I haven’t entered the beta since they apparently revamped it over the holidays and added a new game mode, more characters, and lots of quality of life changes, my initial impression was that this was not a game steeped in history. And yet, in a interview with Game Informer, Game Director Jeff Kaplan spoke about future exploration of PvE opportunities for the franchise.

Don’t get too excited, we’re not looking at World of Overcraft anytime soon, but maybe something a little more story-driven, fleshing out the reasons behind the characters and locations presented so vividly in each. match. All Monitoring alludes to a larger picture that, as far as we can tell, isn’t explored deeply in gameplay.

Kaplan said the following when asked about the future possibilities for PI characters:

Right now, Overwatch is completely focused on our competitive play. We are very excited to present our game against AI functionality, which is getting more and more robust. It will be more like the game against the AI ​​of Heroes of the Storm, where players can actually queue up solo but end up with 5 other players and play against bots. I think the idea of ​​exploring PvE in Overwatch as game developers makes us all look forward to the chance to do so, whether it’s in a later Overwatch game that we haven’t made yet, or even in a different genre from Overwatch. I think we’re all dying to explore PvE at some point, but not for this game. Not for Overwatch’s initial offering, which is really focused on team hero combat. So that’s something we’d like to tackle one day in a different game.

This makes good sense. Even though the gameplay itself is an ongoing series of uneducated (but fun!) Shoots and strategizing, Blizzard did a shrewd job with the game’s trailers and various story trailers. . A week ago we got a glimpse into Winston’s past in the animated short “Recall”. On Sunday, Widowmaker will take the stage in “Alive” on PlayStation first, then on the Internet in general:

The point is, there are tons of traditions to grab hold of. Each character of Monitoring very clearly has something more going on, something unique. From abilities to outfits to dialogue, you know there’s someone out there somewhere at Blizzard with a well-written backstory for this cast. Whether Blizzard’s plan is to simply bring us more shorts, or whether we’ll end up seeing Overstone, Heroes of Overwatch debut on mobile devices, you can rest assured that the skillful writers behind it. Monitoring will not let these adventures go unnoticed.

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