The exciting evolution of mobile slots


Mobile slots are among the most exciting games to play in an online casino. All over the world, you will see people playing mobile slots on the go, during a break from work, or while relaxing somewhere.

The online casino industry is growing at a rapid pace alongside the boom in the gaming market. But how did mobile slots become so popular? And how does the history of slots come into play?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the exciting evolution of online slots. Read on to find out more.

The history of slot machines

Do you like to play slot machines? Well, it was thanks to an auto mechanic called Charles Fey who in 1895 created the first slot machine in San Francisco. Known as the Liberty Bell, this slot machine had three spinning reels, with heart, spades and diamond symbols painted around each reel as well as an image of a cracked Liberty Bell.

This machine can still be seen in Reno, Nevada at the aptly named Liberty Belle Saloon. But the Liberty Bell was not the only slot machine invented by Charles Fey. Among his other machines were the Draw Power, the Three Spindle and the Klondike. Fey began renting his machines to bars and saloons, splitting the profits 50/50.

From there, the slot machine continued to gain popularity; Demand for Liberty Bells was massive and Fey couldn’t keep up despite refusing to sell the manufacturing and distribution rights to manufacturers of casino supplies. In 1907, a Chicago arcade machine maker called Herbert Mills created an imitation of the Liberty Bell which they called Operator Bell. It was Mills who placed fruit symbols on the machines – the ones we all recognize today.

Electronic machines

The era of electric casino machines was the next big step towards the mobile slots we know and love today. It was in 1975 that the first electronic slot machine was created by the Fortune Coin Company.

Although electric casino machines have become popular since 1934, when the lively horse racing machine – PACES RACES – was invented. Electronic machines have definitely changed the game when it comes to casino games; but for those who love them, the best was yet to come.

The boom of the Internet and online games

It was the internet boom of the 90s that really changed the world. Almost every industry has been affected by the Internet, and of course that includes casinos and gaming.

As computers and the Internet took the world by storm, the first online casinos were introduced. While in 1996 there were only fifteen online casinos, there were 200 websites offering online casino games the following year.

As the industry has exploded, so has the interest of investors and those who want to start and grow online gaming companies. More developers have been hired and the software behind the games, including online slots, has become more and more sophisticated. Many other countries have legalized online casinos, which has helped fuel the increase in the number of players.

Why are mobile slots so popular?

This is due, in large part, to how fun they are to play – and how sophisticated the technology has become over the years. There are ongoing investments to make the games even better, which is why some of the best animations, graphics and sounds are now available as part of slots experiences.

Some gaming companies are turning to the most exciting new technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, which would bring the atmosphere or elements of a casino into your home.

But one of the main reasons why mobile slots have become so popular is the increase in the number of mobile device owners. More people than ever own a smartphone, spanning all demographics and locations, with over three billion smartphone users worldwide, a number that continues to grow over the years.

The convenience of being able to play online slots and other casino games on a smartphone means that more and more people are dabbling in games like mobile slots. Whether you are on the go, at a friend’s house, or even just lying on the couch, you can enjoy slot machine games.

There are other huge benefits of playing mobile slots which include the privacy aspect and not having to spend any money to go to your local casino. And of course, online casinos make it easy to create an account and deposit money online. They also offer a variety of bonuses to encourage customers to stay loyal to their brand.

Another reason why mobile slots are so popular? They are easy to play. Unlike other casino games like poker, anyone can play mobile slots as no skill is required. This is why many people try out mobile slots as their first casino game because you don’t have to be good to stand a chance of winning.

Finally, mobile slots are just a great form of entertainment. Game companies are always coming up with exciting new themes, so there is a mobile slots game for everyone. Whether it’s popular culture, movies, music, or a historical theme, the choice is vast.


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