The evolution of Nintendo’s beloved Mario video game


30 years ago today, Super Mario Bros. released on NES in Japan and the world of video games will never be the same again. Arguably the most iconic and influential video game ever released, Super Mario Bros. was the rare game that managed to transcend the world of video games. From movies and TV shows to action figures and even candy, it’s hard to think of a product or medium that hasn’t been honored in some way by the title.

Well Named, Super Mario Bros. was in the first place of a IGN Writing the 100 best video games of all time.

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IGN writing justifying Super Mario Bros. the placement as the best video game of all time is particularly relevant.

Nintendo’s beloved 2D platformer was number one on our Top 100 list a few years ago, and it had no problem retaining the top spot in this year’s vote. Perhaps the classic game remains an IGN favorite as it helped revitalize the video game industry in the post-Atari era of gloom and doom. Or maybe it’s cherished above everyone else because it so easily represents everything that makes us love games developed by Nintendo in general: unwavering attention to game control and level design. The game, which features Nintendo’s classic mascot hero Mario in over 30 2D platform-inspired levels, has introduced and captivated video games to millions of gamers. Super Mario Bros. remains one of the most pioneering and influential titles to date. Most importantly, it’s just as addicting, enjoyable, and satisfying today as it was two decades ago.

Additionally, the character of Mario himself, designed by Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto, is arguably the most recognizable video game character, both by name and appearance, in video game history.

So, to help celebrate Mario’s 30th birthday, Digg recently put together a video retrospective documenting Mario’s evolution through video game history.

Each video game clip here comes with a title indicating when the game was released and for which platform. Even if you consider yourself to be an expert on all things Mario, there are a few obscure titles here that will definitely surprise you and, perhaps, bring back some old memories.


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