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The Eagles left tackle made his home at the International House of Pancakes last Sunday after a big win over New Orleans.

Jordan Mailata faces the New Orleans Saints at Lincoln Financial Field on November 21, 2021. / Photograph by Mitchell Leff / Contributor via Getty Images

When you want to protect the family, it’s good to have a 6ft 8in, 380lb bodyguard.

That’s the role played by emerging Eagles star left tackle Jordan Mailata in the team’s 40-29 victory over New Orleans last Sunday.

Typically affable Mailata showed his meaner side when Saints defensive end Marcus Davenport started to take some liberties with the guy Mailata is tasked with protecting: Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Mailata and Davenport even got into a scrimmage, something no stranger to Mailata, a former rugby player in his native Australia.

There were no flags on the game but a lot of lingering discontent as the big man finished atop the duel, something that led to some scuffles when the two players were finally tussled.

As the “winner,” Mailata took a victory lap on social media, changing the location of her Instagram account to IHOP – the International House of Pancakes.

Pancake blocks, of course, are what every NFL offensive lineman is looking for.

“I was cheeky, that’s all that was,” Mailata smiled ahead of a walkthrough on Wednesday.

However, that insolence was quickly ended when Mailata opened up about the way Davenport was doing business.

“The most important thing for me was whatever else (Davenport) was doing in Jalen,” Mailata said. “I’m a big boy, I can handle myself, but I think seeing him being pushed out of bounds and even when Jalen breaks his pockets and throws the ball he gets hit late by No 92.”

“… So for me it kind of built up. The frustration was that once I got the chance, I would do something to this guy. It just so happens that the game he lined up against me, I have the right footwork, the right leverage and just wanted to finish him in the ground.

The angst returned in the 2020 game when the Eagles outscored the Saints, 24-21, in a much closer affair.

“I just remember they were so dirty after last year’s games,” Mailata noted. “For me, I wanted to set the tone early and that’s why I was like I was Sunday because I wasn’t going to let it fly again this year.”

A natural leader, Hurts has garnered incredible loyalty from his teammates.

“For me, it’s about protecting my family,” Mailata said. “I told you last week, all of these guys on the team are my family. So for me protecting my family is what prompted me to do this… seeing my brother get hit, being pushed out of bounds late, it didn’t work out well with me.

Mailata has gone from a seventh round draft to a franchise tackle in less than four years and with it, the uncertainty of trying a new sport in a foreign country has become a sure second nature for Mailata. .

“The confidence is there, and it should be there,” All-Pro center Jason Kelce said of Mailata. “I think when you go out and you are successful you have to be confident. When you put in the work, you practice and create all those habits that are going to make you successful, you have to be confident.

“The key is, you can’t be so confident when you don’t realize you still have room to grow. “

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