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Rocket League Sideswipe is a pocket version of Rocket League, and it’s surprisingly good. A well-tuned side-scrolling version perfect for mobile gaming, bringing popular competitive gameplay to our phones and tablets in miniature form.

Even if you’re a veteran Rocket League console/PC player, striving for precise mechanical control while finding flashy new ways to cheat in Rocket League Sideswipe is still the best mark to hit, so you’re always up for a ride with today. guide, as Rocket League Sideswipe delivers pretty well on the complexity front while introducing new mechanics to keep you on your toes, which means there’s a lot to dig into.


RL-Sideswipe Ranked Modes

Climbing the ranked ladder is what every competitive gamer aspires to, but achieving that linear progression to be at the top of the leaderboard is no small feat. Sometimes it’s all about tweaking your setup or just growing your skill library.

Changing your settings and commands

Consider changing your setup to take your game to the next level. Let’s go over a few options for converting your casual game into a successful ranked game.

Two thumbs versus three fingers (or claw)

Unfortunately, the most comfortable and natural finger positioning isn’t always optimal for touchscreen gaming. You probably defaulted to the two-thumb position while resting your phone in your hands. However, learning advanced techniques is more complicated than necessary when using a two-finger setup, such as performing flip resets and pressing boost while jumping.

Therefore, using more fingers for the individual buttons helps alleviate this problem. You speed up response time and reduce input downtime, resulting in an increase in actions per minute (APM), which you believe takes your competitive experience a long way. Learning to use three fingers (often referred to as claw style) is your best bet on a touchscreen.

Rocket League Sideswipe Practice Mode

Start by placing your right thumb and index finger on jump and boost, and place your left thumb on your joystick for movement. We’d advise practicing your new finger positioning until it becomes second nature, and luckily there’s a single-player practice mode in the game, the perfect place to practice.

Optional hidden jump boost button

You can set an optional third button that makes your car jump and boost simultaneously when pressed. It’s not available by default, so you’ll need to manually enable it in the game settings.

How to Unlock the Hidden Jump Boost Button

  1. Tap the gear in the upper right corner. Press on Game settings.
  2. At Control customization, tap Configure. Inside the grid screen, you will see a faint red button that has faded. press it, then check the Authorized box. The button will no longer be slightly red.
  3. Press on Close.

Reduce your in-game graphics

Lowering your graphics improves the performance of your mobile device, which helps maintain maximum FPS and battery life.

How to lower your in-game graphics

  1. Press on Game settings > Graphic.
  2. Using the arrows, select “Low” under the Quality Presets option. This lowers your in-game graphics.

Control the kickoff

Controlling the kickoff is very important to keep control of the ball. Learning a few basic moves to fend off your opponents while learning to anticipate the same moves when used against you is the perfect starting point. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular high-ranking players in Kickoffs.

  1. The crepe: Go to the ball and jump diagonally up to position yourself slightly above the halfway point of the ball. Continue tapping boost to maintain this position, as if catching the ball with your car, blocking any forward movement while maintaining control. To note: Don’t turn yourself in the ball doing this.
  2. Limitation: This gives you full possession of the ball, essentially tricking your opponents into thinking you’re going for the kick-off, but you’re not. To do this, get in close after kick-off using the boost to the ball but turning around before making contact. A deceived opponent will push the ball towards you, opening up opportunities to take control.
  3. The Brodoff: Flick in the ball while rolling in the air (tap the left stick twice) in the center of the ball. A more aggressive move to ensure you win the kickoff while maintaining your rollover ability for quick use. Another variation is to hold your first flip for your opponent to turn against you so you can counter with your flip immediately afterwards.
  4. Slow: Go slowly for the ball at kickoff, but be ready to cut your opponent before they can touch the ball using your flip.

Strategies and techniques

Read and simulate your opponents

Becoming the most unpredictable player in your matches prevents your opponent from having a good read of your movements. So be prepared to change it up – don’t repeat the same kickoff and general play over and over again.

Learn and practice your strokes

Master and learn these moves to improve your gameplay.

  1. red shot: Using your car, flip forward into the ball to hit it with the front of your car. On a hit, the ball glows blue/pink.
  2. purple shot: Put your car in a defensive position after shooting (the ball lights up purple). As you head for the ball, put the front of your car up (when you’re closest to the ball), then jump by letting go of your left stick.
  3. golden stroke: When you shoot, use the back of your car (flip in the opposite direction) to hit the ball (lights up gold). It’s the hardest flush shot to land, but if used correctly, you can throw the ball at your opponent and still maintain a quick recovery.
  4. Delayed Reverse Shot: While dribbling in the air, perform a flip-shot with the ball. Intended to be used to make you less predictable when going to flip-shot.
  5. No flip shots: When in contact with the ball, spin your car by moving your left stick 180. This is useful for keeping your flip or if you don’t have one available.

Manage your mental game

Never forget that a player’s rage can lead to poor decision making during games. Cut the chat if it gets too boring or take a break if you feel too frustrated while playing ranked. Playing angry is a recipe for disaster.

Try advanced mechanics

Working on some of the more advanced mechanics can help open up shooting and control opportunities, a great way to succeed competitively in Rocket League Sideswipe. If you need inspiration on where to start, check out our tips below.

  1. purple film: The best way to get height on the ball. It works by jumping, then rolling through the air (tap the left stick twice) until all wheels make contact with the ball, then jump again.
  2. The Killipop: Purple Flick followed by a fast aerial.
  3. Ceiling stall: A great way to maintain momentum while waiting for the ball. Drive to the ceiling with your car and stay there by pressing the jump.
  4. Ceiling pinch: Hit the side of the ball when you carry it to the ceiling, you don’t have to turn around in the ball while doing this.
  5. Ground pinch: Keeps your ball low and under your opponents to avoid a bounce that knocks the ball out of your possession but still gives the ball momentum.
  6. Boost Reset: Step on the ball in the air to reset your boost. You are now able to make a play as soon as you are ready to boost.
  7. wavedash: Return to the ground, then undo your rollover. You can use it to give the ball more upward momentum while recovering your flip.

Perseverance is a player’s best asset

Remember, practice makes perfect. Learning many of the ins and outs of game mechanics by applying the strategies suggested above will take time. Plus, quality of life updates and new modes are constantly being added to keep the game exciting and fresh, so there are always new tricks to learn if you want to stay on top of the meta.

Rocket League Sideswipe Getting Started: A Near-Perfect Take on a Classic

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