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Let’s go back a bit in the past. We all remember the summers we spent playing games in arcades. This marked the beginning of the gaming industry.

Online gaming has largely displaced the use of these physical spaces. Now you can play games with friends even if you are far away. Online game modes have become increasingly popular because of this.

Open world games

If you like a variety of playstyles, open-world games are perfect for you. Skyrim’s innovations made the genre accessible to the public and showed how popular the genre can be.

Skyrim has many mechanics that keep the player engaged, where the player is more than happy to invest time in the game. Players can customize what the player dresses up, what weapons they use, and customize the appearance of NPCs.

Other open-world games include Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, which are among Rockstar’s most renowned open-world games. Another notable mention would be the Assassins Creed franchise.

shooting games

Shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and many others, dominate the realm of first-person shooters. Since the shooter genre is so fun and exciting, it has a huge fanbase.

casino games

Gambling has been popular among the human race for as long as we can remember. The first traces of gambling date back to the Paleolithic period, when dice historians found dice in rock. In the 1600s we have records of people playing blackjack and today we have online casinos.

In 2022, online casinos have evolved to a point that was unimaginable years ago. Today, you can play your favorite slot machines while waiting for your chai latte at Starbucks. You can always click to play here, if you wanted a good, reliable online casino for your favorite slots.

Sports games

How could one make a list of the most popular video game genres and not mention the sports genre? The best known sports game is FIFA, which is a favorite among football fans. The first Fifa game was released decades ago, the graphics look very outdated compared to the latest version of FIFA; FIFA 22. Fifa 22 has plenty of ways to keep you busy for hours. From manager mode to Ultimate Team.

Sports games are mainly for people who love sports because it allows them to experience a real gamer in the field and taste that sweet victory.

survival games

If you like the sound of a good adventure, the survival genre is for you. Survival games force you to find creative ways to keep your character alive after a horrific global catastrophe.

A good example of a good survival game would be froskpunk. In frostpunk, your role is to rebuild an entire town and bring the community together. You must find ways to get food, gather survival supplies, and take care of residents. If you want to get into the survival genre, frostpunk is a great way to start.


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