Texas Chain Saw Massacre online game announced


A Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is in the works by those behind the late Friday the 14th video game.

Gun Interactive, the creators of Friday the 13th, is teaming up with Sumo Nottingham for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The developers say it’s an asymmetric multiplayer horror game, which means it will likely adopt the popular survivors vs. murderer format seen in games like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight.

Gun previously developed a similar asymmetric multiplayer horror game based on Friday the 13th, but a battle for rights prevented Gun from further developing the game’s content. But it looks like Gun is back with a new horror franchise. iconic.

Asymmetrical horror games are surprisingly common, but this is just proof of how people enjoy them. Typically in these games one player takes on the role of the killer and has to capture and find the other players who are survivors. The remaining players can work together in an attempt to survive the murderer, or die trying.

Screenshots of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Speaking of which, there’s also a new Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie in the works at Netflix. Talk about good timing.

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