Telltale: “We must redefine the genres of video games”


Telltale Games has urged the game industry to reconsider how it categorizes genres, as the medium’s storytelling ability continues to mature.

Job Stauffer, global head of creative communications at the developer of Batman, Minecraft and The Walking Dead, observed that the growing appreciation for storytelling in video games means the industry needs to refocus its gameplay focus on storytelling, according to the movie industry.

In the parlance of the gaming industry for over 30 years, games have always been defined by their mechanics, ”said Stauffer. When you think of games, here at Gamescom I might ask you: have you seen any racing games? Fighting games? RPGs? Action or adventure games?

Telltale is in the adventure genre, and we’re proud of it, but when your games are storytelling and storytelling defines the game itself, we need to embrace the same philosophies that we apply to TV and film.

Stauffer added that this move could be driven by retailers and distribution platforms overhauling the way they present titles to consumers.

When we load Netflix, we see shows filtered by what stories they are definition. When we load our PlayStations and Steam accounts, the industry always ranks the games by mechanic, ”he said.

[Telltale] is in that middle space and we are really proud to raise this issue. We hope the industry takes note, and as we move forward and the story becomes more prominent and prevalent in the interactive space, we’re rethinking how we define games and bringing story to the forefront to define our genres.


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