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The team behind Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero outlines the film’s hybrid 2D and 3D animation ahead of the English dub’s release in August.

The team behind Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes used brand new animation techniques. dragonball was created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, and the beloved Japanese media franchise has gone on to spawn several manga, anime series, and film adaptations. Today, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Zand Dragon Ball Super remain among the most popular anime of all time, focusing on the iconic character of Kakarot, aka Goku.

Next Dragon Ball Super: Brolythe Crunchyroll Network and Toei Animation Super hero is the second part of the Dragon Ball Super film franchise. The film picks up decades after a young Goku destroys the evil organization known as the Red Ribbon Army, which has now been reformed by Dr. Hedo. The character adheres to the main goal of getting revenge on Goku. Enter two powerful new androids in Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, calling themselves “Super Heroes” and battle Piccolo and Gohan, as Goku and Vegeta train on the planet of Beerus. Aside from the film’s story and characters, one of its main talking points is its animation style.


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During the Shonen Movie Panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Super heroThe creatives of explained how Dragon Ball Super gradually moved away from 2D art in favor of 3D. The latest film in the franchise combines the feel of traditional anime with computer-generated 3D imagery. That said, Super hero still invested heavily in its hand-drawn animation, which was used both as the basis for the CGI and to touch it up.

When Toei Animation unveiled the first look at a 3D model of Goku, Super heroThe animation style of began to receive a lot of negative attention. It was seen as a source of division between dragonball fans, who have grown attached to the franchise’s ever-evolving 2D anime. First look at Super hero makes comparisons with dragonball video games, which certainly don’t feature an art style suitable for a movie or TV show.

2018 Broly featured action sequences that sometimes used 3D models, but they fit with 2D animation. In the end, it paid off, with many praising the film’s action sequences as some of the best the franchise has to offer. It was previously believed that Super hero would apply CG to its entire runtime. As CG is used more than ever in Piccolo and Gohan’s battle with the Androids, the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes trailer proves his animation style doesn’t negate audiences’ expectations when they think about it dragonball. However, it remains to be seen how American audiences react to this all-new take on classic anime when Super hero theatrical releases in the United States next month.

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  • Dragon Ball Super: Super heroesRelease date: August 19, 2022

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