Steamed hams! The internet’s favorite Simpsons joke is now an online game


A scene from The Simpsons that spawned one of the internet’s favorite memes is now available to play as a point-and-click graphical adventure game.

A new fan-made game completely reimagines one of the most iconic scenes in The simpsons as an online game accessible to all.

NeoDement, an aspiring indie game developer, was created Steamed hams: the graphic adventure based on the sketch of the classic The Simpsons episode “22 Shorts About Springfield”. Steamed Hams is a point-and-click style game that lets players relive one of the internet’s favorite memes in full or put their own spin on it. Players can perform various actions and select alternate dialogue options obtained from another episode, “Skinner’s Sense of Snow”, and the video game The Simpsons: Hit and Run. die-hard fans of The simpsons You can play the game online or download it for free through Game Jolt.

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Steamed Hams uses the Adventure Game Studio engine, a free tool that allows anyone to develop games rooted in the popular genre. The project also takes sprites from The Simpsons arcade game plus some additional animations and audio from the LucasArts game tentacle day.

The short story centers on Superintendent Chalmers attending lunch at Principal Skinner’s house. After Skinner burns their lunch, the school principal rushes to a nearby Krusty Burger to buy fries and burgers, which he passes to Chalmers like steamed hams, the inspiration for the title Game.

Bill Oakley, The simpsons showrunner back when “22 Shorts About Springfield” aired, responded to the game by simply tweeting, “OH MY GOD.” The episode is notable for breaking with the conventional structure of The simpsonsby depicting a multitude of stories around Springfield rather than focusing on a single narrative.

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20 years after the episode aired, the scene has started to gain popularity online, especially on social media. An incident involving Australian supermarket chain Woolworths inquired about steamed hams led to The Simpsons fans repeatedly commenting on an image of the meme on the company’s Facebook page. The joke continued to grow after Jeff Goldblum was asked to re-enact the scene during an interview for Jurassic world evolution. The video has since been deleted after Oakley complained about not being credited for the skit.

While one fan reinvented this famous scene, another took on the task of remastering The Simpsons: Hit and Run using the Unreal engine. YouTuber reubs shared how they updated the game with improved graphics and character models in their “How I Remade The Simpsons Hit and Run in a Week” video. Elsewhere, longtime series producer and game co-writer Mat Selman has previously said they’d like to see a remake of Hit and run.

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