Steam Greenlight Game Evolution will crush Spore and No Man’s Sky


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No Man’s Sky and Spore have a lot in common. Both were overly ambitious. They were aiming for the stars, but were well below expectations. They too both had many aliens.

Evolution: The Ultimate Creation Sandbox was recently voted number one on Steam Greenlight, the user-driven service selection system for lesser-known games. Here’s how the small team behind the game describes it:

“We loved the original idea of Spore and after all these years, we thought it would be a good time to play God again and create our own creatures! From cellular scene to space, but with even more tricks: we plan to make this 100% multiplayer. Not in massive multiplayer, but definitely online, so you’ll be able to play with your friends every step of the way.

They also boast that you’ll be able to travel between thousands of planets – with a wide variety of biomes – and land on any of them. Seems familiar?

Here is a video which the developers point out is very early, more conceptual than realization:

These are a few Spore-ass graphics, that’s for sure. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but they might want to consider calling it back a bit before, you know, the lawyers.

Development is driven by DalasReview, a Spanish video game YouTube channel with over three million subscribers. They say they will be launching a Kickstarter in the next few months. Still, it’s hard to have much faith in this project given that, again, it takes two games that have been canonized as warnings of star pie ambition and have Frankenstein put them together. The fact that promotional material is covered in language like “Coming (hopefully)” does little to inspire confidence.

Steam users seem to remember Spore affectionately enough these days, and I’m sure it helped Evolutionearly support of. No Man’s Sky, however, remains on a lot of people’s shitty lists, though it’s also a pretty decent experience when taken on its own terms.

Image of the article titled Steam Greenlight Game Evolution will crush Spore and No Man's Sky

What I find surprising Evolution– and much of the reason I decided to write about it – is that the No Man’s Sky the backlash does not seem to have affected her. I expected the guys at Core Gamer (TM) to be wary of games that feature vast procedural universes and creatures beyond our wildest dreams (nightmares ???) for a while. And yet, despite No Man’s SkySteam’s recent “extremely negative” overall review score, people still want to believe in Evolution with all their heart. Or at least all of their votes.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the game’s Kickstarter launches and Steam users have to put their money where their fat voting fingers are. It will take a monstrous amount of money to bring a game of this magnitude to life, that’s for sure. And even then, if recent history is any indication, it still might not be enough.

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