Spelunky 2 is the next Nintendo Switch online game trial (Europe)


One of the regular perks of a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is access to game trials, where you can download and play full versions of games for a week – with enough hours, it’s certainly possible achieve the credits of some of the titles that have featured.

Nintendo of Europe has announced their next NSO trial, and it’s pretty good – Spelunky 2 will be available to play from May 25-31, though subscribers can pre-install now if they want to be ready to go next week.

Spelunky 2 received a lot of praise when it released in August 2021 – we gave it 9/10 in our review and said the following.

Spelunky 2 is a masterclass in great roguelite game design, expertly combining overwhelming difficulty with a constant drizzle of new secrets and lessons to keep you coming back for more. Some may be put off by the sheer challenge – it’s definitely a game you need to work on a bit – but putting in the effort is sure to reward you with plenty of exciting memories. We highly recommend this game to any fan of roguelites or challenging platformers, and even if this doesn’t describe you, it’s definitely worth a look.

It’s certainly one that European subscribers will be able to try when it arrives next week; we’ll also be keeping our eyes peeled, as always, for the next NSO North American game trial.


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