SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet Ace Online Gaming Test


Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet system is only in beta, but it’s already proving to be pretty impressive. The system worked well despite its dish being covered in snow, and more recently it has also proven itself in one of the most important uses of the internet – online gaming.

One of YouTube’s leading tech channels, Linus technical advice, was able to acquire a Starlink kit from SpaceX. True to the spirit of the chain, the group has chosen to verify the proper functioning of Starlink while carrying out increasingly heavy tasks. These included loading pages with media, 4K streaming on YouTube, streaming many 4K videos at a time and play games online.

Throughout the test, the Starlink system performed admirably. The YouTube host noted that the ping of the satellite internet system could be better, but Starlink was still very usable. This became evident when the satellite internet loaded and streamed a 4K YouTube video without missing a beat. The same was true when four separate 4K videos were streamed simultaneously.

Starlink performed equally well when used for some series of CS: GO, where it exhibited a very consistent ping. In the end, the YouTube host noted that he was very impressed with Starlink given that the satellite internet system turned out to be fast and stable enough to handle even relatively heavy tasks. That doesn’t mean Starlink could replace fiber internet today, of course. Yet for internet users who get stuck with the slow speeds of traditional ISPs, Elon Musk’s satellite internet system would be a game-changer.

Like any concept led by Elon Musk, Starlink presents itself as a disruptor in its own right. This means that while the internet service is impressive, it also attracts some skeptics. Recently, for example, broadband industry groups representing fiber and rural Internet service providers filed a report with the FCC claiming that Starlink’s Internet speeds are too slow and the technology system has not been proven. SpaceX, for its part, held firm, noting that “Starlink’s performance is neither theoretical nor experimental.”

look Linus technical advice‘play test for Starlink in the video below.

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SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet Ace Online Gaming Test


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