Sol Cresta Stream to share helpful tips and secret techniques on March 5


PlatinumGames’ surprise sequel for Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta has been out for a few weeks now, but that’s not stopping the developers of Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3.

Sol Cresta receives a dedicated stream on March 5. Aptly titled “Deep Space Strategic Stream for Cadets and Commanders”, the broadcast will be led by Chief Game Designer, Creative Director and Mr. PlatinumGames himself, Hideki Kamiya, Sol Cresta Director, Takahito Washisaka, and Takanori Sato, the game’s producer.

The hour-long stream will focus on helping space cadets get the most out of their time with the game, as well as providing tips on how to improve their shmup skills. Imagine being told how to improve at a game by none other than Kamiya himself?

While being good at saving the galaxy is one thing, the most exciting thing is that copies of the soundtrack – which is due out this month – as well as beautiful posters will be given out during the stream. It’s a special Yuzo Koshiro, so of course it’s absolutely awesome, and fans will want to tune in just to grab one. And look at the art!

Picture: Platinum Games

You’ll be able to see how to improve your high scores at Sol Cresta at 7:00 PM PST/10:00 PM EST on March 5th. And if you haven’t checked out our review of the game yet, we gave it a solid 7 and found that the best parts of the game learn to improve and experiment. Don’t forget that you can also pre-order a physical copy of Sol Cresta courtesy of Limited Run Games until March 20th.


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