Scrabble launches a new online game with multiple modes, tools and an epic trailer


Hasbro unveils, a new website that lets players of the iconic word game experience it in a variety of unique new ways.

Hasbro and Mattel announced Scrabble.coma new form of the classic board game.

Revealed as part of National Scrabble Day celebrations, this new web version of the word game will allow fans to live out their experiences online. Beyond the standard competitive format, will also include a PvE mode that will allow players to practice their skills before challenging others across the world. When playing against an AI, a variety of difficulty settings and game time options can be selected to further customize the experience. It will also allow fans to access the “Scrabble Dictionary” that can be pulled out in the middle of a match to check the spelling of a word. Other benefits include a “Word Finder” tool that works as an anagram solver alongside a Scrabble official blog and forum. A brief launch trailer was released alongside the announcement, highlighting the features included in

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Developer Scopeley has confirmed that players can expect post-launch updates that will add even more features to These include a Tournament feature and high level matches for players looking for a challenge. The game will be free and accessible via an Internet browser. It is currently unknown if will implement all paid items.

“Designed for all players who love strategy and word game fun, has something for everyone,” reads the game’s official description. “Scrabble purists will love the authentic synchronous match experience while those looking for something new will enjoy taking part in matchmaking rounds and testing their skills against opponents of varying difficulty. The site’s clean design offers clear and focused gameplay with greater accessibility via browser support.”

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Scopely has a long history with the Scrabble franchise, launching the hit mobile game Scrabble GO in 2020. It claimed the title of the world’s most downloaded word game and continues to boast of having a player base of millions.

Scrabble is one of the most recognized board games in the world. Players are tasked with creating words based on a handful of shuffled letters randomly drawn from a sleeve. By using their opponents’ creations, points can be scored based on the letters used and whether or not special spaces on the board are used. is now available.

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