Scouting three elusive techniques for the Bears in the Senior Bowl


When Tommie Harris suffered a severe hamstring tear late in the 2006 season, the Bears were never able to adequately replace him in their Super Bowl run or thereafter.

Harris never returned to full strength or full speed from his injury the following season.

“Any time you lose a player with the unique abilities of Tommie Harris, it’s a setback because there just aren’t a lot of guys like that,” former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo told Reuters. ‘era.

Over the next few years, the Bears turned Henry Melton into a technical three-man defensive tackle and had decent success, but never at the level Harris achieved.

Fast forward a decade after they stopped using Lovie Smith’s Cover Style 2 and they’re back at it.

So they need a three-way technique, the defensive tackle lining up on the outside shoulder of the guard and shooting the gap. This is one of three key positions in the scheme mentioned by new coach Matt Eberflus. The other two are cornerback and weak side or linebacker Will.

Under Matt Nagy and John Fox, they haven’t played a pattern like the 4-3 they’ve used before, but that doesn’t mean some of the existing 3-4 defensive linemen lack the qualities to be technical threes. .

Unrestricted free agent Bilal Nichols has some of the qualities, but first he needs his second contract with the Bears. They could also be looking for unrestricted free agency to find one.

There are three potential techniques in the draft and some of them practice this week in the Senior Bowl. Here are the defensive tackle candidates training.

National team defensive tackles

Haskell Garret
Perio n Winfrey
Otito Ogbonnia

Team USA Defensive Tackles

Phiadarian Mathis
john rdigeway
Zachery Carter
Devonge Wyatt
USATSI_17112219 (1)

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