Sales and Marketing Expert Aleksandra Bulgach Helps Hotels Adopt Modern Growth Techniques


(Photo: Aleksandra Bulgach)

Aleksandra Bulgach is a sales and marketing expert who has made waves in the hotel and hospitality industry, most notably as a digital marketer. Working in landscaping for more than 15 years, Aleksandra is now positioned as one of the most sought-after professionals in the field.

Aleksandra has developed unparalleled marketing strategies for her clients, exceeding their expectations and exceeding their promises. She has worked with major hotel chains around the world, such as Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Radisson Blu. She was also instrumental in the opening of three hotels: Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Express.

Apart from hotels, Aleksandra has gained visibility and experience working on a wide range of projects, complex events, sports championships and world congresses, including the 2018 FIFA World Cup, World Hockey Championship 2016 and over 100 global events. The marketing expert has also worked with leading global companies and business champions including Deloitte, DHL, BAT, Huawei, Chanel, LVMH, J&J, P&G, Volkswagen, Novartis, Schlumberger and Home Credit. In addition, Aleksandra has also participated in major international tourism exhibitions, such as World Travel Market London, ITB Berlin and Fitur Madrid.

Aleksandra started Digital Marketing and Business Administration at UCLA. Through the combination of solid work experience and high-level training, she has created a new approach to sales and marketing in the hospitality industry. Based on this, she wrote her book titled Hotel Marketing 2.0, where she describes the most acceptable tactics and case studies that hoteliers can use to adapt their sales and marketing strategies to the new digital reality and generate revenue. more important. The book will bring new insights and tactics to hotel executives and experts who want to leverage strong digital marketing strategies to stay on top of their game. It outlines how you can get the most out of online sales funnels, CEO, social media, and online advertising, reducing real labor costs and traditional promotion methods. Such an approach helps hotels to be more competitive in the market, especially after the pandemic crisis they experienced.

Aleksandra pushes new, modern skills and techniques to ensure her clients reap the best that can be produced by leveraging technology. While many hotel sales and marketing specialists still use classic sales techniques, she has successfully helped long-standing names in the hospitality industry adapt to the times and cross the new digital frontier. while maintaining the same values ​​that have taken them through decades in the landscape.

“My sales skills and experience can help hotels grow, increase performance and improve sales results,” said Aleksandra. “I am convinced that my background, my expertise and my experience can be a valuable asset for any company that wants to improve its sales efficiency, the productivity of its staff, increase its results and increase its profits in a profitable and efficient manner” , said the expert added further.

“With my expertise, I would be able to give new development options to the country’s hospitality industry, enabling it to deliver even better budget results and guest experiences. My goal is to inspire new trends in the hospitality industry. ‘hotel industry and to make a good contribution to the country’s tourism economy by helping hotels succeed,” said Aleksandra. “My long-term goal is to help thousands of hotels around the world become more successful businesses and distributors in the future,” she added.

By re-engineering sales and marketing processes in the hotel and hospitality industry, Aleksandra is truly playing an active role in building more sustainable business practices that will have a real impact on businesses around the world.

“It’s no secret that the past two years have left a dramatic impact on the hospitality industry. Some of the big properties couldn’t even survive this. It’s time to step into the new reality and changing the approach. The new digital marketing approach and building great brand awareness will take hotels to a new level of success.”

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