Rolls-Royce Online Game Is A Brain Twister, Won’t Give You Kryptos Key


About two weeks ago, the world learned of a special edition Rolls-Royce Wraith called Kryptos. Only that it’s not your average unique car with this and that. No, this one has a hidden message hidden all over the place.

Inspired by the Greek word meaning “hidden” or so, the limited series of Wraith (we were told that 50 of them will ever be made) will have an encrypted number on the outside and on the inside, a number which to most of us humans would sound like nonsense. Those who hold the key, whatever it may be, are promised an illuminating conclusion.

Now imagine how excited we were this week to hear that there is “An entertaining and interactive online game there released by Rolls-Royce in honor of the Kryptos. We’re stupid, we believed for a brief moment that this is how you get the key you need to get the message across.

Only to read, a few paragraphs below, that the game is “Inspired by, but not related to, the Wraith Kryptos collection”. Pity.

Still, we are promised a lot of fun trying to solve this game. Unlike the Wraith Kryptos, which will only reveal its message to people who buy the car (is that the key, one wonders?), This game is open. to all – as long as you can make it work, as it does now. writing a 404 error ruins all the fun.

The game is structured in four levels which gradually become more difficult. Level 1 is a labyrinth in which you have to navigate while tilting your device, in order to solve it before the time runs out.

Level 2 requires answers to a series of questions, then comes the third with a test of observation skills, and finally you will be faced with “cryptographic ciphers, designed to bewilder and confuse.

So if you can make this damn thing work, tell us how it went. Oh, for the record: if you’re in the top ten to play, you’ll get a custom Rolls-Royce treadplate.


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