Roblox online gaming service is now back, after an outage that lasted more than 3 days


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Roblox is now back online after three long days of blackout that affected the online gaming service which has already been a huge title across the globe. The blackout also affected the supposed Halloween festivities that people have already planned or designed on their worlds, as well as their peers and relationships in the game.

Roblox is back online after three days of outage

Roblox Phone

(Photo: Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images)
BRAZIL – 1021/10/06: In this photo, the Roblox logo is displayed on a smartphone.

The outage that has interrupted the game since Thursday night is now resolved by the company on this Halloween day, and it is bringing the game back to its global servers. “Roblox” announced on his Twitter page that he now back online after a massive outage that took its systems out of service and a problem persisted for them.

The failure of “Roblox” has made more than three days of being unplayable and inaccessible by its players and users.

The game has left a huge void for gamers, especially since it’s Halloween season, where it’s popular for hosting multiple events and gatherings from worlds created by its users.

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Roblox crash: what happened?

The “Roblox” team said they had a problem, and the company detected it almost three days after its first outage on Thursday, but did not specify its problem. This is one of the longest server issues a game has faced in the past few months, with some only having it for a few hours before it gets fixed.

The massive popularity of Roblox


(Photo: Image courtesy of Roblox / Facebook)

“Roblox” is a massive platform that focuses on online gaming, as well as one of its most important aspects, which is the game creation system that users enjoy in their worlds. The company’s immersive experience is one of the reasons it has become popular, and it has moved away from the brand image it has of being the “Minecraft” clone.

The game has also evolved from its previous versions, something that takes it away from what is called “child’s play”, due to the design it has of characters or avatars resembling ” LEGO “. Since then, “Roblox” has added many features and updates to its game, such as voice chat features that focus on interacting with other players.

Nonetheless, the massive “Roblox” platform is back online and caught up with Halloween before the day was even over, giving people a chance to celebrate its festivities until the last minute. The game is here to stay for now, and it remains stable.

“Roblox” said it has already fixed the issue and will continue to run it regularly online.

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