Roblox is the most searched online game in the world for an unexpected reason


A team of researchers found that Roblox is the most searched online game in the world. Robloxwhich has 190 million average monthly players, has been heavily researched online for an unexpected reason.

Student Beans researchers collected data on the world’s most popular games by analyzing average monthly search volumes from 24 countries. According to Student Beans data, the most popular titles around the world include Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legendsand Roblox. Countries that specifically assign the number one position to Roblox range from Canada, the United States, Brazil and Mexico to Australia, Italy, Ukraine and Thailand; but according to the data, many of the Roblox the searches took place for a strange reason.


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Student Beans discovered that the search term “is Roblox down?” amass an average of 246,000 searches every month due to how often the game goes offline. On top of that, Student Beans found “are Roblox the real pirates? as a search term that has grown 1,000% in recent months, with Roblox hackers potentially causing constant outages through regular attacks. Roblox players reported 36,000 outages in May alone, the majority of which occurred on May 4 when the game disconnected 20,000 times in just 24 hours.

Countries that have searched Roblox Student Beans’ top searches are the UK with 3,350,000 searches each month, Canada with 2,240,000 and the US with 13,600,000. Roblox fans that Student Beans encountered in its research was “is Roblox removed in 2023″, which jumped 255% during the data collection process and may be the result of players frustrated with Roblox go down several times. Roblox continues to receive approximately 500 outage reports each day with no signs of stopping, suggesting that Roblox may need to change engines or adopt stronger security if the failures are actually caused by hackers.

Typically, examining game-related search terms shows a wide range of content such as reviews, fan art, concept videos, plot theories and more, but Roblox Corporation may be surprised that so many Roblox searches focus on breakdowns. While Roblox Corporation may be aware of the regular outages, it’s currently unknown what the developer intends to do to reduce the number of times the game disconnects.

Roblox is available for Mac, mobile, PC and Xbox One.

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