Razer reveals the evolution of Kishi mobile game controllers



Razer today revealed new details about the upgrades they are making to Kishi mobile game controllers as they evolve. This new model, which will simply be called the Kisji V2, will bring a number of improvements over the previous model, including micro-switch touch controls, two multi-function buttons, a new share button for those of you who like to brag. social media, as well as the ability to access the Razer Nexus app at the touch of a button if desired. All of these changes have been implemented to give you the best possible gaming experience on your mobile devices, for iOS and Android. You can read more about it below as the Android version is currently on sale for $100 via Razer website and authorized resellers. Meanwhile, the iOS version won’t be released until the fall.

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Razer’s new upgrades to Kishi V2 build on the company’s over 16 years of product expertise in the PC and console gaming space and bring those advancements to portable gamers. Inspired by Razer’s award-winning Wolverine V2 console controllers, the Kishi V2 features the same high-quality inputs with all-new micro-switch touch controls bringing cutting-edge enhancements to portable gaming hardware. The new Share button allows players to quickly capture the perfect shot or record video clips to share with followers and friends. The Kishi V2 also introduces two multi-function buttons and the ability to launch the all-new Razer Nexus app at the touch of a button. These enhancements ensure that the Kishi V2 is optimized for maximum performance when streaming the latest AAA or mobile game releases.

The Kishi V2’s structural design has been redesigned with a streamlined deck providing a stable feel and universal smartphone compatibility. With ergonomics in mind, the Kishi V2 incorporates a comfortable grip into a highly portable form factor. These design innovations bring greater accessibility and an enhanced user experience to every mobile gamer. The Kishi V2 has also been designed for maximum compatibility and will work with current and upcoming Samsung and Google Pixel phones coming to market this year.

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