QUANTO, an online game to play at the Right Price


If you miss him Fair Price Contestyou will be interested to know that there is an online game that has a similar philosophy.

is about HOWa game inspired by the famous wordlewhere you have to guess the price of 6 supermarket products a day, in two attempts for each.

If we get too close it will put us in green, which is great, and if we get too far it will warn us in red of the mistake. At the end, it will show a percentage with our target when we guess the prizes.

We have two opportunities per product, and it will be considered good if we deviate less than 15% from the actual price, so there is no need to guess the exact price with pennies included.

In this screenshot you can see how my attempt went, as you can see I’m not very good:

QUANTO is available at quanto.juancrodan.com and was created by Dr. Juan C. Roldán, co-founder and CTO of stargazr.ai, obtaining prices from specific supermarkets (supermarket brand appears on displayed product).

With a light and dark version (night mode), it does not allow playing many games one after another, because following Wordle’s method, it is designed for players to invest only a few seconds of their daily time to see their hitting ability.

Entertaining and great for people from outside Spain to find out more about the cost of living in the country.


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