Pokémon: what is the best evolution of Eevee?


Many players debate which Eevee evolution is best, but really, it comes down to each player’s wants and needs in terms of stats and aesthetics.

With the release of a new generation of Pokemon being released in November of this year, a question arises in every generation: which Eeveelution (or evolution of Eevee) is the best. Starting with Generation 8, Eevee has eight possible evolutions that can be obtained using different methods. Some Eeveelutions require stones, others require certain moves, and some require high friendship levels.

In the first generation of Pokémon, there were only 3 possible evolutions for Eevee: Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon, all obtained by using the appropriate stones. Gen 2 added Espeon and Umbreon which scale based on the time of day or if the player has a Sun or Moon Shard. Leafeon and Glaceon were added in Gen 4 and also need a specific stone to evolve and Sylveon was added in Gen 6. Each of the many Pokemon Eevee evolutions have their own type with corresponding moves.


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Many Pokémon players have a particular Eeveelution that is their favorite, whether based on aesthetics, type, or stats, but which one is truly the best? The answer ultimately depends on exactly what a player is looking for and needs to add to their team. It can also depend on the game the player is building a team for.

Each evolution of Eevee is the best according to the player

Three Eevee with evolution stones

Each evolution of Eevee has different starting stats and moves that make it difficult to choose the best one based on the player’s needs. When it comes to base stats, each evolution varies in its strengths and weaknesses (see table). If players are looking for evolved Eevee with high HP and special attack, Vaporeon will be the best choice. Players looking for a fast Pokemon with a high Special Attack will have the best luck with Jolteon or favorite Espeon Pokemon Eevee evolution. Players who prefer to be defensive will probably think Leafeon or Umbreon are the best. When it comes to stats, each Eeveelution may be best for a player depending on their playstyle. Newer players may want to focus more on an Eeveelution that has higher HP, while older players experienced players may want something with better offense and defense.

With eight different choices to evolve into Eevee, Pokémon players will always be at odds as to which is the best, though there are certainly some that rise a bit more in overall popularity compared to their counterparts. When it comes to raw popularity, many believe Vaporeon is Pokemonis Eevee’s best evolution. With a solid defense and supporting move set, he’s a good addition to any team. Aesthetically, Vaporeon is adorable with her big eyes, mermaid tail, and cat-like features. Other players may prefer a Pokémon of a different type than those of the starting types, avoiding Water, Fire, and Grass types.

Ultimately, the best Eeveelution belongs to each player. Everyone has their positives and negatives and all can contribute to a great Pokemon crew. Whether or not players see a ninth evolution of Eevee in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is not known yet, but fans can always hope.

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