Online game Jujutsu Kaisen gets prize, release date


the Jujutsu kaisen online game has announced a price list and a release window for its English version. This news comes after the initial announcement of the game’s release in English a few days ago.

Jujutsu Kaisen online game

The kit needed for the game.

SCRAP made the initial announcement of the cross-platform puzzle game on Tuesday. The game is based on the manga by Gege Akutanmi Jujutsu Kaisen. It is called ‘Jujutsu kaisen Online Puzzle Game – Escape from the abandoned school cursed spirit ‘. The US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia will all have the English version of the game. The game will also include an online experience and a physical game kit. Those with a computer, smartphone or tablet can play the game after purchasing the kit.

The content of Jujutsu kaisen Online game

Online game Jujutsu Kaisen will have a full Japanese voiceover with the original cast of the anime reprising their roles. It also features an original story created by Gege himself. The story is described as,

You are a student of the prefectural high school of Jujutsu in Tokyo. Your skill as a jujutsu wizard is the ability to use cursed techniques over long distances. But in return for this power, you cannot leave your home – a student who has only been registered in name.

Jujutsu Kaisen online game

One day, the news of the disappearance of ordinary people reaches your school. Investigations confirm that it is the work of a cursed spirit. You receive a letter from your teacher, Satoru Gojo, who also happens to be the strongest jujutsu wizard in the world.

“It has been decided that the first graders will be in charge of the incidents of disappearance from the abandoned school. Your help is absolutely vital in this matter. We are counting on you!”

Cooperate with the 3 other freshmen to uncover the truth behind the case and exorcise the doomed spirit of the abandoned school! “

the Jujutsu kaisen online game is a puzzle game. However, it also involves players having to converse with different characters to solve puzzles and escape the abandoned school. In total, the estimated playing time for the game is 120 minutes (2 hours). Finally, the play kits will ship on January 3 and retail for $ 29.99 USD.


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