Online Gambling Fraud Leaves 27-Year-Old Rs 3 Lakh Poorer In Mumbai | Bombay News


MUMBAI: A 27-year-old interior designer from Kandivli was duped for Rs 3.11 lakh with the promise of high commissions if she played an online game where she had to complete various tasks after clicking on a web link.
Scammers created an ID for the victim on a fake website to perform the task online. The victim realized she was being duped when the commission was not filed after he credited Rs 3 lakh to the e-wallet for taking on the new task.
Immediately after his login was created, Rs 68 was credited to a fake online e-wallet. “It made the victim trust the scammers and she continued to take on the task. After each task, the fraudster credited the wallet with a small amount and gained their trust. We collected the details of the transaction from the bank’s address and Internet Protocol (IP) to track the fraudster, ”said an officer from Charkop Police Station.
After the victim completed the first task, the scammer made them top up the wallet with Rs 200 and immediately the wallet was credited with Rs 380. Two days later the scammer called her again and asked her. if she was ready for a big challenge to earn a big sum and asked her to perform 12 tasks for which she was asked to transfer Rs 3 lakh to the wallet.
“I found out that I had been duped when I did not receive the money, and when I called the scammer I was informed that I had failed to complete all 12 tasks and that I only did 10, “said the victim in her complaint.
She said the scammer contacted her on WhatsApp.


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