Odie Delaney has more unique techniques beyond the Odie Lock


Undefeated mixed martial artist Odie Delaney makes his second appearance in the ONE Circle at ONE 158 on Friday, June 3. Ahead of his upcoming fight, Delaney spoke with Cageside Press about his bout with Iranian wrestler Mehdi Barghi.

During the chat, Delaney discussed her unique submission skills. In his first ONE Championship appearance, Delaney landed a submission now called “Odie Lock” in just over a minute. When asked what other submissions ‘The Witness’ had up their sleeve, Delaney replied:

“You’re always trying to do something a little better, a little cooler. I’ve got a huge arsenal of goofy submissions. So you gotta keep an eye out because I’ll probably hit another one.”

Delaney was asked if his unique submission job was part of his game plan entering the cage or if he was freestyling during the fight. He has answered:

“I freestyle. Kind of, you know, I let them decide how they’re going to get exploited, you know. Just kind of take advantage of the opportunities as I see them.”

‘The Witness’ was then asked how he saw the outcome of his fight against Mehdi Barghi at ONE 158. He said a submission was the likely endgame on Friday:

“I think it will be a submission again. I plan to show some of my striking game, but yeah, I think it will be another submission. You know, that’s kind of my thing. It’s either that , i.e. the soil-and-book.”

Watch Delaney submit Thomas Narmo:

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Odie Delaney not impressed with his ONE 158 opponent Mehdi Barghi

Odie Delaney was asked if he did a tape study on his ONE 158 opponent Mehdi Barghi. He confirmed he studied his opponent but wasn’t impressed with what he’s seen from the Iranian so far:

“I mean impressed, not really. I studied him. I kind of tried my best to look at his strengths and weaknesses. I know he’s a wrestler, but the thing is, I think that my strongest asset is stronger than his We are both wrestlers We both rely on our wrestling to get us out of trouble but I think mine is better than his I think he will to find difficult to.

As the ONE Championship heavyweight division goes from strength to strength, Delaney said he needs “big, quick finishes” to stand out in an ever-increasing weight class.

Looking ahead, Odie Delaney thinks he’ll likely share the cage with fellow ONE 158 Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida:

“Me and him were teammates for about two years in Coconut Creek. Best American team there. Awesome guy. I love that guy. We share a lot of the same values ​​but that won’t stop the fight that needs to have place, probably for a belt one day.”

Watch Delaney’s full interview with Cageside Press below:

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