Obsidian Entertainment Should Tackle These Kinds Of Video Games Next


Obsidian entertainment is best known for its RPG titles, but the studio has branched out and covered many genres over the course of its history. Even its RPG titles have covered fantastic CRPGs, post-apocalyptic FPS RPGs, spy-themed third-person RPGs, sci-fi RPGs, and turn-based comedies. South to park: The Stick of Truth. Of course, Obsidian Entertainment has also ventured into survival games, action RPGs, mechanical games, tabletop conversions, and even MMOs.

With the number of quality titles released by Obsidian Entertainment, there are plenty of examples of what defines its games and makes the studio successful. One of the studio’s greatest strengths is its writing. Games like The Rod of Truth, Fallout: New Vegas, and The outer worlds all feature very different themes, characters, tones and voices. However, the writing stands out in all three for its creativity, engaging nature, and depth of the characters. Obsidian Entertainment games also generally feature some great mechanics with a lot of depth for players to explore and learn. Games like Based, pillars of Eternity, and Tyranny all of them take their own turn on their associated genres and bring a lot of new options and ideas that players have never experienced before. With those two things in mind, there’s hardly any genre Obsidian apparently can’t tackle. However, there is a couple that makes perfect sense.

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Obsidian Entertainment Should Make A Game Like BioShock

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BioShock is a series well known for its philosophical themes, deep worlds, interesting fights and fantastic dialogues. Obsidian Entertainment would thrive if it created a game similar to the BioShock series. Obsidian’s writing prowess would go a long way in fleshing out the game’s world and characters. The studio has created many fascinating and original settings for its games, and players who venture into a new studio dystopia would be fascinating to to explore. Of course, video games aren’t at all new to dystopias, but Obsidian could bring a breath of fresh air to the genre.

It would also be interesting to see what themes Obsidian could explore in such a setting. There are many philosophies which BioShock hasn’t explored yet, and seeing Obsidian Entertainment take on one of them would be just as interesting. It would also be great to see what kind of combat mechanics Obsidian put into the game. If he followed up BioShockA mixture of conventional weapons and mystical powers, Obsidian could significantly expand the system and undoubtedly offer new combat features.

Obsidian Entertainment Should Make Cyberpunk Game

Whether or not the game would be defined in the tabletop role-playing game Cyberpunkthe universe of, similar to Cyberpunk 2077, Obsidian Entertainment would do very well to make a cyberpunk title. Of course, games like Deus Ex, Cyberpunk 2077, and Shadowrun have shown the potential of the genre, and Obsidian Entertainment is well equipped to respond to that potential. Cyberpunk as a genre thrives on complicated worlds, gray morals, beautiful worlds, and mystery. It’s easy to imagine Obsidian Entertainment creating a fascinating futuristic world run by corporations and rampant crime. Of course, the studio featured similar themes in their sci-fi RPG. The outer worlds, but a truly cyberpunk title from the studio would embrace the darker side of the genre with great effect.

The genre would also allow Obsidian Entertainment to introduce some truly compelling gameplay mechanics. Cyberpunk worlds present a collision between humanity and technology that leads humans to pull blades out of their arms or integrate their consciousness into the internet to hack faster. The possibilities are limitless and Obsidian could give free rein to his creativity, allowing players to explore many styles of play while exploring a dark and detailed cyberpunk world. Many fans are pining Deus Ex make a comeback, and Obsidian Entertainment may be the perfect studio to make it happen.

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Obsidian Entertainment to Create Live Service Looting Game

Destiny 2 Three Guardians and a Matchbook from Tommy

There have been many live service looter games that have come and gone. The live services genre has become rather crowded, and the games industry can no doubt support a limited number of live services, but Obsidian Entertainment could quite possibly make one that sticks. Obsidian Entertainment is very good at creating interesting worlds that gamers enjoy spending time in. The very nature of a live service title would allow the studio to create its deepest world yet and continue to expand it through updates and events as players explore and learn about. that. It would also give the studio a chance to create a more liveable world that changes over time, and that players can have a real impact on through limited-time events.

Obsidian Entertainment would also be able to excel if the game was a looter shooter, similar to Warframe Where Destiny 2. The studio’s ability to create deep mechanics with plenty of player choice would allow the game’s loot and activities to be deeply engaging and challenging. Obsidian Entertainment has championed deep and unique RPG mechanics in games like pillars of Eternity. Similar new features and new ideas could be just what the loot shooter genre needs a refresh now that it has found its identity in the established games that have already been released in the genre.

Of course, there are already plenty of projects in development at Obsidian Entertainment, and it’s unclear where the studio will want to go in the future. With Xbox’s acquisition of the studio, he’s in a great position to do just about anything he wants, and the possibilities for his future are seemingly endless. The studio has had a fantastic run throughout its history, and it will be fascinating to see where the studio goes in the future. It would be great to see the studio surprise its many fans and hopefully those same fans will have some news soon on what the studio will be up to next.

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