Not entirely terrible, but needs more work


the Gundam evolution network test is on us, and I managed to play along a bit. It’s definitely better than I expected, but it still needs more work.

Compared to what we’ve seen in the trailers, the game has now at least given the various mobile suits some semblance of weight. They don’t look like people in robot suits anymore, but there’s definitely room for improvement here.

Mobile suits should still be a bit heavier, but with more boost available to them. There should also be more penalty after landing from a maxed jump or boost. It’s not only true to the anime, but also makes the game feel a bit more tactical, rather than purely reactionary.

The first person view also has some weird field of view settings, as the weapons look very spindly. Mobile suit weapons are invariably huge, so that should be reflected here. Also, if the game is set in a first-person setup, it should at least look like a cockpit.

The pace of the game is currently quite fast and each of the mobile suits are handled in such a way that they each have something unique to offer. Working with your teammates is essential and once a mobile suit is selected it locks it in for the rest of the team.

The levels flow well, but definitely feel like they’re geared towards people rather than huge mechas.

As far as the free-to-play setup goes, there’s not much to do yet, and to be honest, core gameplay is more important at this point.

Considering the number of generic first-person shooters already on the market, it seems that Gundam evolution can afford to be a little different and take advantage of its Gundam and more mecha heritage.

This is definitely the start for Gundam evolutionbut with a few changes, it could actually be not just a decent game, but a good one. Gundam game to start.

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