Norwegian Seafood Council’s “Nordic Combined Seafood Cup” online game finally launched in Japan


Japanese marketing communications company Norwegian Seafood Council is pleased to announce the launch of its online game which aims to help people learn more about Norway’s different types of seafood, from mackerel to salmon. The game is called the Nordic Combined Seafood Cup. This is a free online game available on the Norwegian Seafood Council campaign site.

With a myriad of rivers, lakes and fjords and easy access to some of the cleanest and most thriving oceans in the world, Norwegian seafood is second to none. Crab, trout, salmon and cod are just a few types of seafood found in Norwegian waters, food markets and restaurants, with a whole host of other delicious treats available as well as rather special culinary experiences.

That’s why the food company has designed an online game that raises awareness of the country’s seafood diversity. The Nordic Combined Seafood Cup is a game that anyone can play online on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

The game offers two games. The Norwegian Mackerel Ski Jump is where a mackerel soars high in the skin to make the biggest leap. The rules of the game are simple. The player must tap the screen and answer four quiz questions to complete the cross-country skiing game with the fastest time or the ski jumping game with the farthest jump. Meanwhile, Norway’s salmon cross-country game, where a player kicks and drifts across the country’s white, snow-capped peaks to cross the finish line in a given time.

Nevertheless, the player’s knowledge of mackerel, salmon and their origin story will be tested. Only correct quiz answers can speed up the best results.

The Norwegian Seafood Council team is extremely happy with the global launch of the brand new game. Considering that Norway is a far country from Japan. Although Japanese consumers have long treasured their mackerel and salmon, learning about their country, their seafood and their origin story remains a real challenge.

In a recent survey, the company also found that thirty-five percent of Japanese respondents associate Norway with seafood and fifty percent with winter sports. That’s why the Norwegian Seafood Council decided to create a game that combines winter sports and seafood. The result is an educational and entertaining tool that engages and challenges both categories.

Nordic is a combined sports competition originating in Norway where athletes compete in both ski jumping and cross country. Demanding sports need a balance of efficiency, endurance, power, cold weather and detailed technique, all qualities that resemble Norwegian aquaculture and fishing.

The country is also cold. This can cause problems for humans, but the conditions are ideal for mackerel, salmon and other fish.

The luck of the cold environment that nurtures connected fish, culture, people and science has made Norway one of today’s most sustainable and important seafood producers.

Interested people who want to download the game can access it here.


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