New Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC lets players work at Biosyn


Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dominion Biosyn Improved Sandbox Experience

The new expansion for Jurassic World Evolution 2 will be called Dominion Biosyn. This will allow players to play through the early days of the massive corporation. That said, they will understand how hungry the company was to bring back never-before-seen dinosaurs. That is, before everything gets worse.

Fans of the franchise see Biosyn working at full capacity in the Jurassic World Dominion movie. Society has been genetically creating dinosaurs and other dangerous creatures at such an alarming rate. Jurassic World Evolution 2’s Biosyn campaign runs smoothly from mission to mission. The players succeeded with very little hindsight.

Some of the dinosaurs ended up getting sick while others tended to misbehave. However, the gameplay was basically a stress-free game that allows players to interact with lots of new dinosaurs. Examples of these new species are Giganotosaurus, Pyroraptor, Quetzalcoatlus and Dimetrodon.

The campaign doesn’t really demand much from Jurassic World Evolution 2 players. Customer satisfaction is not a priority. The main objective is to build working habitats for the new dinosaurs. Players can build an invisible fence. However, this feature can be difficult to use when the map is heavily forested. These special fences look great in different habitats. Being able to see how the dinosaurs interact with the existing lot makes the game even more fun to play.

That said, players might want to check their aerial heatmaps first so they can see the perimeter. This will make it easier for them to enforce ranger posts and feeding stations. The game’s underground rail system can also be tricky to string together.

Jurassic World Evolution 2’s Dominion Biosyn expansion expands the base game in small but significant ways. Overall, the DLC greatly enhances the sandbox experience.

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