New Horizons 2.0 update reveals new lighting and soundscape techniques


The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct has revealed a ton of new features. Returning Villagers, The Roost, Island Ordinances, Paid DLCs, and more customization options have all been shown in the Direct, making it one of the biggest game updates in recent memory. .

There is enough free content that it can be considered an entirely new game. However, it looks like there is still more to come in the update than what was previously glossed over.

Now here are some additional features involving new lighting and soundscape techniques. Here’s what gamers need to know about these features coming in Update 2.0.

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New lighting and soundscapes discovered for Animal Crossing 2.0

One of the more overlooked additions to the showcase is that players can now hang items from the ceiling. Chandeliers, light fixtures and the like can all hang from the ceiling, which is a perfect match for new lighting techniques.

Animal Crossing players can get ceiling lights and place them strategically to light up someone or something.

The perch lighting can be reproduced with the new lighting settings (Image via Nintendo)
The perch lighting can be reproduced with the new lighting settings (Image via Nintendo)

There are also new color variations for lighting, giving Animal Crossing players the ability to adjust the mood in a room with relative ease. The light can also be dimmed or brightened to give players full control over the lighting in a room. The customization options have improved a lot with Update 2.0.

Soundscapes were also introduced with the update. These work as background noises for a room, so the ambience can be controlled with sound as well as lighting. This will replace the standard in-game background music with the tunes of the player’s choice.

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There are 14 different soundscapes choices, including Ocean and Construction, which were featured in the trailer. The update gives players a lot more control over their designs and takes things a step further. Players now have control over lighting and music, two things they weren’t able to do as much before the update.

These features and more, including the new Happy Home Paradise DLC, will be released on November 5th.

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